I am the proud stay-at-home mom of daughter Saver of Bugs (now out of college and, oh, the loans are due…) and son Spider Bait (college). I’m a critteraholic, plantaholic, avid reader, adore crystals, Nosy Nelly, knitter, crocheter, former and hope to be again runner, and now, blogger.

This was originally supposed to be a simple blog.  It’s original purpose was to keep our daughter, Saver of Bugs, up to date on the goings at home.  We had already slipped up once – no one had told her that her brother had attained Life Scout.  She would not be coming home summers because of a research project and this blog would keep her up to date despite crazy schedules. It’s hard to skype and phone if one’s busy and the other is not. And I suck in the e-mail dept. And -no- I don’t know why it annoys me so.

However, once the discussion got going it took on a life of its own.  It is now The Beast of All Things.  Thoughts, quotes, fur babies, plants, house projects, exercise, LARPS, you name it, it’s coming.  Both daughter and I will be blogging.  And since I live in chaos, I decided I wanted order on the blog.  Not everyone will be interested in all topics so I am going to title as I go.  That way, people can just zip past what they’re not interested in.

  1. Random Thoughts  (Quotes, thoughts, mom’s ramblings)
  2. Life At Our House  (What we’re doing, cooking, crafts, you know – stuff)
  3. Fur Babies and Other Critters (self explanatory)
  4. Out In The Yard (plant stuff, bugs, projects,…)
  5. Home Caring (an attempt to put a positive spin on turning chaos into home again.)
  6. Movement  (our attempt to get our sorry butts back into some semblance of fit)
  7. Crystals

We won’t be hitting all of these everyday and Saver of Bugs will add her own on her posts.  Variety is the spice of life – right?  Welcome and enjoy!

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