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A Quote

Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.  

          — Colette

My couch buddies of an evening.

And my partner on the trail.


Happy Puppy, His Boy Is Home


Look at that sweet face! Imagine the deep doggy groan of contentment as Ryder cuddles up to his boy home from college. (And shoving his face -firmly- right up against Spider Bait’s chin. 😀 )

I Just Don’t Get It…

Ryder sleeps like this on a regular basis.  HOW is that comfortable?

If I slept like that I wouldn't be able to move my head for a month!

If I slept like that, I wouldn’t be able to move my head for a month!


So Sad, Saver Has Moved To Texas

Saver has left to live in Texas in order to be closer to her SO.  It has been a crazy month.  Mom misses her every day.  So do all the critters.  Rose walks through the house yowling, Espe keeps checking her room and then crawling under my bed. And Ryder keeps going to stand in the doorway of her bedroom looking for her. *sigh*

Here are some last pictures of her with Ryder:

Lounging with the puppy.

Lounging with the puppy.  Yes, that’s her under the dog.

Rawrr, Waawr (Don't gooo, says Ryder)

Rawrr, Waawr (Don’t gooo, says Ryder)

We are sad.

Bathroom Buddy *sigh*

I thought that once my children got old enough to be functional on their own, that I would have bathroom privacy again.  Uh huh. That’s just Fantasyland when you own dogs.

Pictures? Why?

Pictures? Why?


Boring, mom.

Boring, mom.


Wake me when you're done. Yaaawn.

Wake me when you’re done. *deep sigh*

Oh, well.  At least he’s not trying to jump into my lap or sniff my underwear! 😀

So Much For Morning Solitude

 Ryder enjoying some morning sunshine in peace. But not for long!

Sweet puppy. Ryder enjoying a spot of  morning sunshine in peace. But not for long!

Armel showed up and invited him to play.

Armel showed up and invited him to play.

Ryder obliged with some light play.

Ryder obliged with some light play.

Ryder has even started mimicking the cats in play. :D

Slap fight!  Ryder thinks he is part kitty.  😀

But when

But when Ryder decided he’d rather snooze than play, Armel got up close and personal.  Poor puppy. So much for a morning snooze in the sun!


Having Fun Is Exhausting

Having fun biting, growling, throwing, chasing, and shaking your toys can just wipe you out.

Having fun biting, growling, throwing, chasing, and shaking your toys can just wipe you out.


A Little Light Fun – Armel And Ryder

Saver of Bugs had this series of pictures on her phone of her cat Armel and my dog Ryder having a little fun together back in September.  Not bad for only knowing each other a couple of months at this point. Enjoy!  (And the white blur you see in some of the pictures is Ryder’s waving tail!)












All done!

Ryder’s First Real Snow Since Puppyhood

Unfortunately for us, we can’t leave Ryder alone outside for more than a few minutes ’cause the little stinker is still eating inappropriate things. *sigh*  So, of course, Ryder was enthralled with the first real snow of the year. So much so, that he just kept asking to go out to pee, and then wouldn’t, because he just wanted to rub his face in the snow and hop around like a bunny. Potty trips are NOT play trips. Which meant many fruitless trips outside and it was making us crazy. At one point I loaded a Kong with treats and stuck him in his crate so I wouldn’t strangle his butt.

My daughter and I scrambled to clear up a long block of time for chasing and rambling so we could get him outside before he lost his little mind.  Or we lost ours. 😀  Luckily we have a partially wooded lot of an acre and a half to run his little legs off in.  So after a trip outside to hide toys in the snow, I opened the door and turned him loose.

Thanks to Saver of Bugs for the handful of pictures she was able to get of a speeding puppazoid in between gusts of snow.


“I’m gonna get you!”


Pounce and dig! (For some reason, Ryder likes to jump on his toys and then dig and kick them out behind him. Which, of course, necessitates more chasing!


“Come back here!”




Running, running, running!


Ryder: “Roooll…roooll…roooll…” Mom: “Yeah, how’s that working for you, Ryder?”


Mom: “Here, let me help. You watching?” Ryder: “Throw it, throw it, throw it…”


“Aaaand, he’s off!”


WOOT! Saver managed to catch a sliding stop with a right hand spin!

I'm just loving this snow!"

I’m just loving this snow!”

An hour later a much more relaxed and happy puppy came back to the house with us.  He got to nap and we had to get back to work.  Just not fair! O_o

Ryder’s First Christmas

I was so impressed with our critters this year.  Three cats and Ryder had their first Christmas tree this year.  I expected carnage and mayhem with that many firsties.  I have, in the past, found cats staring out at me from high up in the tree and have had ornaments chewed to bits by my canine pals.

But these guys behaved themselves very well.  Yes, a bulb or two got slapped off the tree and some branches were nibbled on, but I have no horror stories to tell.

The cats were not overly impressed with the fuss and would only come out if we dangled a string or ribbon for them to chase.  Ryder, however, was thrilled with the mounds of paper to shred and destroy.  Please forgive the blurriness, he just never quit moving. 😀

Tradition dictates that as wrapping paper comes off the packages it is to be thrown into play for the dog.

A bow!

A bow!



I know this comes apart!

I know this comes apart!


Success!  In fact, he was so good at pulling bows apart and enjoyed it soooo much, we had to hide the packages of bows that I bought after Christmas.  He was stealing them out of the grocery bags and ripping open the bow bags to get at the bows. 😀

I can catch sliders too!

I can catch sliders too!


Stomp, rip!



I'm having the best day EVER!

I’m having the best day EVER!

Of course, guess who got to clean up the mess afterwards

Of course, guess who got to clean up the mess afterwards?  It wasn’t the dog!

Hope you all had a warm and wonderful holiday!