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It’s Been A Year?! ‘Crystals’ Are Done, Saver’s Back At School, New Pet

Random Thoughts

Did you know that today is my one year anniversary here at WordPress?  I didn’t till I opened this up and got the “Happy Anniversary” notice.  I was just determined to ‘do something normal’.  A whole year already!  I managed 57 posts this year, a wee bit more than one a week.

I’ve actually learned a couple of things from doing this.  There’s the obvious; I’m more technologically literate than I was a year ago.  I still have much more to learn about using this site, but I haven’t had to scream for help in quite some time.

I’ve learned to edit myself better before I even begin typing.  You wouldn’t believe the pages upon pages that I’ve rambled through this year.  Most stuff never even made it here.  And did I mention the hours ‘n hours?

What surprised me, though, was finding out that I enjoyed this.  Well, most of the time.  And I found I enjoyed opening up my stats page and finding out that people from all over the world pop in to visit.  Who knew?

So here’s to another year in the trenches.  And perhaps a goal of 100 posts minimum to keep me moving?  Fingers crossed!


Brief bitch:  As I mentioned above, I wound up here just to ‘do something normal’.  The past couple of weeks have been ‘not fun’.  I haven’t even been reading my favorite blogs.  Okay, I take half of that back.  Saver was home for a week, which was wonderful but busy.  The week after that sucked topped off with a lot of ‘no sleep’.  So I’m forcing myself to put myself first.  Which is why I’m here.   And I have to put sleep up on the list too.  Lack of it totally fucks with my life.  Pardon the french.  Bitch over.


Oh, and I’m nearly 3 weeks behind on my Simple Abundance.  Aaargh!


Here are a couple of sayings to get started back up:

“Gather the crumbs of happiness, and they will make you a loaf of contentment.”  — Unknown

“Minds are like parachutes:  they only function when open.”  — Lord Thomas Dewar

Life At Our House

Only one more week till the play is over with!  Yes!  I love going to see the plays, I just don’t like the 3 months of daily practices.

Here are a few pictures of my trip taking Saver back to school.  I love how the snow on the ground highlights the naked trees.  It almost looks like the hills have a beard!

We'll start with the obligatory 'mom driving the car'.

We’ll start with the obligatory ‘mom driving the car’.  With her mouth open, again.

Out the side window.

Out the side window.

Between the hills.

Between the hills.

Coming over the top.

Coming over the top.

Plane trails and the sunset on my way home.

Plane trails and the sunset on my way home.

More of the sunset.  You have no idea how many shots I took to get these as I was doing them one handed, driving at speed, in traffic and over potholes.

More of the sunset. You have no idea how many shots I took to get these as I was doing them one-handed, driving at speed, in traffic and over potholes.

Fur Babies and Other Friends

Here's Jake waiting for the bus to bring Spider Bait home.  Which he doesn't always because of the play.  Jake waits till both the High School and Elementary buses go by before coming back in.  He's still holding on despite the cancer and being anemic from the constant bleeding of the tumor.  Hugs, Jake.

Here’s Jake waiting for the bus to bring Spider Bait home. Which doesn’t always because of the play. Jake waits till both the High School and Elementary buses go by before coming back in. He’s still holding on despite the cancer and being anemic from the constant bleeding of the tumor. Hugs, Jake.

There is a new addition to the Fur Baby family.  Say ‘Hello!’ to Stitch!

Yum!  Sunflower seeds!

Yum! Sunflower seeds!

I was at the pet store talking to one of the employees.  They all know me up there.  And Stitch was hanging out in front of the glass showing off and stretching and just being totally laid back.  He caught my eye first because I’ve never seen a white hamster with black eyes in person before and second because of his attitude.  I used to raise hamsters back when there were only two kinds available: Golden and Long-haired Golden’s (no we won’t discuss my age).  Attitude is very important in a hamster.

But, I really didn’t need another Fur Baby.  I’m behind in keeping up with what I’ve got.  The woman I was talking with was also impressed with his attitude since she had just put him out that day, but reminded me I had said I didn’t need another Fur Baby so I should take a pass.  “He’ll find a home, the other two hamsters I put out with him are already gone.”  So I passed.

Fast forward 5? 7? days.  I’m out with Saver for the shopping trip before return to college and we stop at the pet shop.  Guess who was still there?  One of the other employees there said they sometimes have trouble with selling the white ones.  Which I don’t get, but, whatever.  I won’t tell you how long I wandered hem hawing around.  It should have an easy “No” because of money.  But I had all the cage crap at home and when I was rooting through papers and boxes for Spider Bait’s Eagle project I had found an old birthday card that had a gift certificate for that pet store.  And it was still good.  Look closely at my picture up top.  See the big, black letters that spell ‘SUCKER’?

I’m happy to say he’s adorable and coming along nicely.



I really love my ball!

I really love my ball!

Out In The Yard

My first crocus of the year.

My first crocus of the year.

My first 'mini' Iris.  (cristata? damn, I should look that up.)

My first ‘mini’ Iris this year. (cristata? damn, I should look that up.)

And this is what I saw when I looked out the window a couple of nights later.  Blasted snow!

And this is what I saw when I looked out the window a couple of nights later. Blasted snow!


So the ‘crystals’ / rocks are done.  My brain’s fried so I just didn’t think the pictures through very well.  I forgot the penny for size comparison.  And I forgot that the tumbled pictures were laid out differently than the original picture so there are ‘extras’ in the final shot.  *sigh*  And there was no way I was going to take the time to reset and retake the pictures.  The stones were too slippery and not playing nice with each other.  And it’s getting late.

Note that a number of the stones did not take a polish.  They needed to be ground longer, but I only had one packet of each type of grit.  And it’s also possible that the polish I had wasn’t supposed to be used on the 2 green Chrysoprase stones.  There are number of different polishes used by the pros.  Here we are:

Polishing done.

Polishing done.

Note the two green chrysoprase, one on top and one on the bottom.

Original photo with rough stones.  Note the two green chrysoprase, one on top and one on the bottom.

I couldn't lay this out exactly because the stones wouldn't lean on each other.  The stones on the right are ones I couldn't figure out or were buried under the others in the original shot.  Yeah, don't you just love pre-planning? :)

I couldn’t lay this out exactly because the stones wouldn’t lean on each other. The stones on the right are ones I couldn’t figure out or were buried under the others in the original shot. Yeah, don’t you just love pre-planning? 🙂  And, OH!, see the wee little purple tipped stone at the bottom?  That’s the ‘special’ gemstone in the packet.  An Amethyst.  It might fit on a pinky ring…


I’m drinking from a favorite tonight that I’ve posted before.  I don’t know if I mentioned it the first time, but this is a mug from my BFF.

Such a cheerful mug.

Such a cheerful mug.

Night everybody!

Yay! To Noticeably Longer Days!

Random Thoughts

When forced out of bed at the obscene hour of 6 a.m. on Wednesday, I realized that ‘light’ was appearing earlier than before.  This was greeted by snarling from my son who complained that it was interfering with him sleeping on the bus on the way to school.  Poor baby.  It also hit me that at one point in my life 6 a.m. was the routine ‘up’ time for me.  Huh.  Maybe this is the year I’ll be able to get myself back on a (snort) ‘normal’ schedule (eye roll).  Any who, I looked up the daylight hours here:  http://www.almanac.com/astronomy/rise

On December 21, 2012 we had 9 hours and 18 minutes of daylight.  The sun came up at 7:41 and set at 4:59 p.m.  Today, March 1, 2013 we had 11 hours and 19 minutes of daylight.  The sun came up at 6:55 a.m. and set at 6:14 p.m.  AND I’m starting to hear birdsong in the morning.  A sure sign spring is on the way.  YAY!

Soon it will be time for these beauties!

Soon it will be time for these beauties!


I’ve gotten behind on my Simple Abundance and am trying to catch up.  I liked this section:

“Today, if you feel frightened or unsure about the future, pick up the double-edged sword of Light and Love.  Always remember, it’s simply not an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons.  But as in the best old tales, at the end of your exploring, you will live happily ever after.”  Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance


My March 1st quote of the day:  “Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.” — Churchill

Life At Our House

Life has been a crazy round of after school wonderfulness.  Boy Scouts, The Play (6 days a week), and now Physics club for a gravity car competition.  But first they must build the thing.  Ugh.

But the real fun started last week when our furnace began to make the house sound as if it were under attack.  The bushings?bearings? and fan were dying dramatically.  Fortunately, the repair guy said it wouldn’t kill us.  If it died the whole thing would beat itself to death in what he called “the squirrel cage” without catching fire or blowing us up.  Phew.  Then he told us the company that made the furnace was long out of business (our furnace was 29 years old) and thus no parts.  Attempting to jerry rig something would only be a band-aid as the rest of the furnace was rusting to death.  Which we knew.  We were hoping to get through just one more winter before coughing up money for a new furnace.  We still have to put in sewage and had just enough money to do that.  Well, not anymore.

The first estimate was $3000.00 for an 80% efficient furnace and $3500 for a 90%.  I about had a stroke.  Eventually, after more estimates and some dickering, we got the company we wanted to put it in and a Rheem 80% efficient furnace for $2300.  $24oo something with tax (hey, I’m still traumatized).  Fingers crossed for a hefty tax refund from Uncle Sam to help off set this.  Having a kid in college has helped with that the past couple of years.

In the meantime I had to try to sleep (not) for 5 days with the furnace alternately sounding like a jet trying to take off or someone beating it to death with a sledge-hammer.  Gah.  Wednesday saw me up at the butt crack of dawn (6:00 a.m.) so that I could get a shower before they showed up and shut off the gas to install the furnace.

Life smiled on us.  We were given an estimate of a day and a half installation with heat guaranteed by night.  Well, we had two people working and someone to pick up the dead body and we had heat by 3:00 p.m.  I was stoked.  Of course, nothing is ever totally simple around here.  The furnace started up and burned a bunch of oil off the inside which flooded the house with smoke.  It looked like a fog had rolled in.  I have respiratory issues so this was ‘BAD’ and I ran around opening windows and doors and fighting with the fire alarm that was refusing to shut the hell up.  Oh, and did I mention the window screens?  We take them off for the winter.  They are on the inside of the house (what idiot came up with this I don’t know) and we wash them and put them away.  So after I threw open windows I had to have my husband keep the cats from jumping out while I dug screens out of the ‘Junk Heap’ (garage).  AND it was 40 degrees out and I also have circulatory issues so this was ‘Not Fun’.  But everyone survived and we now have a furnace that is half the size of the old one and really blows the air around.  I slept 14 hours yesterday and 12 hours today.  Thank heavens I had nowhere to be and things could be put off till the weekend.


I changed out the rocks in the rock tumbler after 7 days.  The grit was gone.  Three days into the medium grit cycle the medium grit was gone.  WTF?  So now we are on the fine grit cycle.  I decided to see what I could find on the net and, wow, what a difference since 2004 when I bought the cheapo tumbler.

The cheapo rock tumbling kits give you 1 bag of each size grit.  It will get you so/so polished rocks, mostly of the cheap brown variety.  I had purchased on an order form the rocks that are in now so I got a somewhat better selection, but still only one bag per size grit.  What you’re supposed to do is ‘recharge’ each stage of grit with more grit till the rocks are ground down properly.  Smooth, no edges, no pits, etc.  Then you move to the next finer grit.  Repeat.  Apparently wearing the grit down in 3 days is not unusual.  But since I don’t have extra grit, I have to live with what comes out in each stage.  *sigh*

I find this whole process fascinating so I went looking around at ‘proper’ equipment and found that for one good 3 lb. tumbler and tubs, not envelopes, of grit I would have to come up with about $200.  *sigh*  So this won’t be happening anytime in my immediate future!  The following pics are 1) the original rough stones. 2) The stones after the rough grit. and 3) The stones after the medium grit.  You have to look carefully between the last 2 pictures to see the differences between the 2 steps.

Note the two green chrysoprase, one on top and one on the bottom.

Note the two green chrysoprase, one on top and one on the bottom.

It isn't an exact copy of the original photo, but close enough.

It isn’t an exact copy of the original photo, but close enough.

Note how the red striped rock in the roughly 10:30 position went from a slipper shape to oval in just 3 days.

Note how the red striped rock in the roughly 10:30 position went from a slipper shape to oval in just 3 days.

I wish I knew how to put these pictures side by side.  Next up will be a picture of them after the fine grit and then to the polish stage!


After all the fun we’ve been having I grabbed a gift bottle of bubbly that we had been ‘saving’.  And I dug out my favorite hand painted wineglasses.  Well, only one.  And there are only three, not four, which is why I got them super cheap at a Christmas craft fair whose parade the Band always marches in.  I love these glasses.

Sooo pretty.

Sooo pretty.

Painted all the way down.

Painted all the way down.

Night all!

Store-room Done (ish)

Random Thoughts

More quotes!

“The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.”  — Marcus Aurelius

Boy, do I have days like that!  But I am back to doing my Simple Abundance, A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  “All you have is all you need.”  And she reminds us:

“We must learn to savor small, authentic moments that bring us contentment.  Experiment with a new cookie recipe.  Take the time to slowly arrange a bouquet of flowers in order to appreciate their colors, fragrance, and beauty.  Sip a cup of tea on the front stoop in the sunshine.  Pause for five minutes to pet a purring cat.  Simple pleasures waiting to be enjoyed.  Simple pleasures often overlooked.”

Today I took the time to admire my baby SeaMonkeys.  They hatched out of dried up eggs in a packet.  That always amazes me.  I gave kisses to my kitties and watched my puppy enjoy a peanut butter score.  And I looked at my Staghorn Fern and realized that it is sprouting new leaves.  Yay!

Life At Our House

The store-room is finally done!  Well, mostly.  There are things that have to be repacked because they’re a mess.  There are things I am probably going to either take to Goodwill or put in the yard sale pile out in the Pit (garage).  I have way too much kid paint and glitter glue, so I’ll see about donating to a teacher or two.  I have to make room to put my potatoes down in the store-room somewhere.  I couldn’t finish all the sorting and decision-making because we were on a deadline.  Spider Bait needs to get his Eagle stuff turned in.  We pitched 2 large garbage bags full of trash and put a bunch of stuff in the recycle bins (how many empty jars and bottles does one family need?).  But it’s 90% finished after roughly 17-20 hours worth of work over 2 weekends by 4 people.  And it is so amazingly wonderful to be able to walk in straight forward instead of crab-walking in sideways.  And I don’t have to worry about knocking anything over.  AND I know where everything IS!

Left side facing in from door.  The left side was bad, but not horrible.  Almost all the food is on that side and keeps being rotated out.  So it's semi-organized and clean.

Left side facing in from door. The left side was bad, but not horrible. Almost all the food is on that side and keeps being rotated out. So it’s semi-organized and cleanish.

Same side, lower view.  Once we hit the left side, it took about half the time to remove, clean, and replace.

Same side, lower view. Once we hit the left side, it took about half the time to remove, clean, and replace.

The right side facing in from the door.  See all the crap on the floor?  Goal - get it all on the shelves.  This half of the room was uber cluttered, dusty, dirty, moldy and just plain yuk.

The right side facing in from the door. See all the crap on the floor? Goal – get it all on the shelves. This half of the room was über cluttered, dusty, dirty, moldy and just plain yuk.

A reverse view.

A reverse view.

The right side empty and waiting to be scrubbed.

The right side empty and waiting to be scrubbed.

Now Once Upon A Time they had an uber sale on shelves.  I’m thinking it’s been 10 years, not sure.  We bought a bunch of them and got part of this room done but didn’t finish it.  I probably got sick again and didn’t pitch-a-bitch to get it done and it just got left and forgotten.  So we had shelf bits to make one unit higher.  And another still in its box.  And a metal shelf half buried in another part of the basement that we dug out, unloaded, cleaned, and brought in along with about half of what was on it.  Ta-Da!

Left side.

Left side.

Middle.  Look at all that walking room!

Middle. Look at all that walking room!

Right side.

Right side.


Fur Babies and Other Friends

I don't care if Mom's trying to work.  I need my snuggles!

I don’t care if Mom’s trying to work. I need my snuggles!

Me trying to work on the computer one-handed in my Eeyore pj's.

Me trying to work on the computer one-handed in my Eeyore pj’s.

Out In The Yard

Naw.  Too much snow.  But here’s a picture of one of the orchids Ikea had on sale for $5.


Mug of the Day


Woot!  And it’s not even midnight!

“And A Being Within Ourselves To Bring To Life”

Random Thoughts

I found this quote one year when reading Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  While Christmas-y in nature, I think it fits with the ‘take better care of myself’ theme.

If, as Herod, we fill our lives with things, and again with things; if we consider ourselves so unimportant that we must fill every moment of our lives with action, when will we have the time to make the long, slow journey across the desert as did the Magi?  Or sit and watch the stars as did the shepherds?  Or brood over the coming of the child as did Mary?  For each one of us, there is a desert to travel.  A star to discover.  And a being within ourselves to bring to life.  — Author Unknown

Life At Our House

We’re busy here.  Saver went shopping with Gma-in-law to get boots for LARPing in.  Tomorrow she will go shopping with my mom to get other things.

Spider Bait is doing presentations for different classes which have put him in a “wonderful” mood.

I am busting my backside putting my monthly boxes in order.  What’s a monthly box?  Well, I live in this way too small house that I was never supposed to stay in (long story).  There is very little room, but I still like my ‘stuff’ which happens to be teapots (40+ ish), mugs (100+ have to ask Saver), some tea cups, and my candle stuff.  I have a china cabinet from the other house, but it only holds on one shelf about 8ish teapots.  Teacups are on one and little bits of stuff with meaning on the third. I have a mug rack on the wall that holds I think 48 mugs.  And my candles and candle stuff?  OMG.  I had no idea how much of that I had till I started bringing it all together.  A number of years back I divided what I had then minus the candle stuff into 12 months and holidays and got boxes for them and any decorations for that month/holiday.  The first week of each month I would bring up that box and its contents and put away the month before.  That way I got to use/see/enjoy all my stuff.

Well the past few years I haven’t been doing my monthly boxes regularly and additions to the collection got stuffed here and there in the house and the Dungeon.  For the first time in a couple of years, I got teapots for Christmas.  Three, to be exact.  So I decided to round-up all I could find and re-sort my monthly boxes and also gather and sort my candle stuff and add it in.  Holy crap.  Hours ‘n hours and a couple of days later, I’m still not done.  I have to sit down and make an inventory for all the boxes so I know where everything is.  This does not, by the way, include Easter and Christmas.  Easter is buried in a corner I refused to excavate right now and Christmas is all over the damn place.

The candle stuff alone was sobering.  I put a few in each of the monthly boxes, but that still left 4 shelves worth of stuff.  I got only got rid of a shoebox of small candle holders.  Saver grabbed a couple that held memories for her.  Yikes.  Two and a half shelves are taken up with candles of different kinds.  I think as I work my way through them, a lot of the jar candles will wind up in the yard sale pile since I now have bad reactions to so many scented candles.  I need to let people know not to buy me jar candles anymore.  I’ll post pictures of box contents each month.  January always has to wait until after Epiphany.  AND…

We are also cleaning out the store-room in the basement as my son’s family project for his Eagle.  ***head table***  Another huge mess.  You could barely get in there. Hours of work. It is now my turn to go down and organize the shelves (put shit away) down the right side of the room.  I got the candle stuff in!!!  So tomorrow I will try to finish that and then Sunday the left side will be stripped out and cleaned.  It is the easy side since there really isn’t much to sort.  That whole side is pretty much food.  I took my time and built up a small stock pile of staples.  I buy in bulk whenever I can.  I really do love having a store-room and it will be sooo nice for it to be easy access and clean again. (No Halloween atmosphere with the spiders, no muck and mold on the walls, no mouse and rat traps with moldy peanut butter, … you get the picture.)  And speaking of which, I will post pics when we’re done with the room.

Here’s a picture of the Christmas mugs (minus 2 that came in after I took the picture).  I did at least get them out this year.


Time for Bed!  Night all!

The Gift of Grace (I Need It) Part 2

Random Thoughts

Some of us are slow and have to do things over and over before they sink in.  I’ve edited part of the April 24th post (Random Thoughts section) to fit now.  But I really didn’t have to do that much to it, which is rather sad.  Try, try again.

I am sick to death of sleep being such a damn battle.  I have sleep issues related to my childhood and  I am also a light sleeper and if I wake up I have trouble getting back to sleep.  Because I am a light sleeper I have a very low threshold for sleep deprivation (didn’t find this out till I was in my 30′s).  I have a funky metabolic rate which might get me up in the a.m. to eat.  Now add a brain that just will not shut up and I’m screwed.  Routines help to a certain degree,  exhaustion sometimes helps, exercise helps to a certain degree, I’ve taken meds (but because of my metabolism they only last half the time listed so I may just pop awake in the middle of the night).  I can’t just set a schedule and keep it hell or high water because lack of sleep shoots my immune system down and I get sick.  So I have to make time to sleep even if it means sleeping into the afternoon.  Which, of course, just screws with my whole day.  I would love to find just one thing that would shut my brain down and always put me to sleep.  (Aside from a 2 x 4 upside the head.)

I really wanted to start and finish Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach this year.  It has helped in the past and the past couple of years have had a whole lot of not fun in them.  I’m now about three months behind (tomorrow, tomorrow) and am also not writing in my Gratitude Journal.  I need to do this.

I haven’t been getting out in the yard and into the dirt on a regular basis.  Which I know helps tremendously with my mental health.  I need to do this, too.

I got behind on the mail and bills.  Again.  I have got to stop doing this.

I’m fairly new to Tarot, but I have found it helpful and centering.  Now I’m not even doing a card a day draw.  Need to get back to this.

And somewhere in here I need to start exercising (walking) – again.  (Is there an award for # of starts?)

That’s enough whining for today.  I’m going to reach for a favorite little prayer of mine.  I need to get my calligraphy marker out and put this on one of my flowered papers and keep it visible.  For those of you who wish to, substitute your belief system where you will.

Just for Today

Oh, God, give me grace for this day.  Not for a lifetime, nor for next week, nor for tomorrow, just for this day.  Direct my thoughts and bless them.  Direct my work and bless it.  Direct the things I say and give them blessing too.  Direct and bless everything that I think and speak and do.  So that for this one day, just this one day, I have the gift of grace that comes from your presence. — Marjorie Holmes


I am now up to 10,411 pieces of email deleted.  WOO HOO!  Which means I am now down to the point  where I can find things when they’re sent to me.  I still have a way to go because a lot of what is left has to be read.  But I’m getting there!


Did you ever buy anything and after you got it home found out it wasn’t quite what you thought it was?  I was digging around in boxes and found a journal I had purchased several years ago, still in its wrapper.  It was on a clearance shelf and cheap and I had gift certificates to burn.  I thought it was lovely/interesting and it even had a key and lock!  So I grabbed it.

Well I started to unwrap it and found the spine had something written on it, um.. “Desire – A Private Journal”  This is the first page:

Well, some of the pages have illustrations on them and there are quotes dealing with “Desire” throughout the journal.  Here is one of the pictures I can show you:

So I’m thinking I’m going to put this back in the box for now, ’cause I’m not really sure exactly what I want to do with it!

Life at Our House

So this weekend Spider Bait is off on a Boy Scout adventure in the rough.  A requirement that needs gotten out-of-the-way before the weather gets nasty.  I growled at him for only taking 1 pair of shoes with him.  I hope his feet haven’t rotted off.  He should be home tomorrow after lunch.


I was finally able to email my phone pictures to myself from the County Fair.  Yep, with just a little help.  Of course, because they were crappy, cheapo, phone pics, only a couple of them were even usable.  So here’s what I got:

Alpaca baby

Llama baby

Dwarf goat

Baby camel and baby zebra

Baby dwarf goat

Feed Me!  That’s a regular goat of some kind I have never seen before!

Bunny Wabbit!

Another Bunny Wabbit!

And, yep, I’m a Bunny Wabbit too!

This little guy would not sit still for a picture and his girl came up and kept trying to get a pose for me.  But he just wanted out.  This was the best I could do without driving the poor thing nuts.

Fur Babies and Other Friends

Still trying to figure out a name for my lizard.  Uther?  Tiberius?  Sam?  Gryphon?

In the meantime, here’s a lazy day group of critters.

Asleep in my paper mess

The Princess on her pillow

Lazy day bird watching

Streeetch. Ah, yes, this couch is mine!

Out In The Yard

Our header today is the rose Graham Thomas.  It is one of my favorites.

I haven’t been out in the yard much except to water.  But I did find this guy hunting in my windows.

It’s now 10:04 pm and it says I’m over 1,ooo words, so I’m going to call it quits on this one tonight.  (It’ll be another 15-30 minutes for me to proof this and move the photos into the used files.)  Tomorrow is another day.

Add on:  Why in the hell does WordPress eat pieces here and there randomly out of the post???  I find this extremely annoying to have to go back and fill in the blanks.

Always About To Live

Random Thoughts

My daughter pointed out to me that I have been schlepping around with the blog and my excuse was that I was tired, cranky, waiting for things to ‘get better’.  It got me to thinking about how much of life we spend in limbo.  “Tomorrow,” we say.  And then years later we find we’re still there, in the same spot, no further along, still saying, “Tomorrow.”  It seems to be a human condition, this procrastination.

From Sarah Ban Breathnach from Simple Abundance:

“Tomorrow we’ll begin discovering authentic pleasures.  Tomorrow we’ll treat ourselves better.  Tomorrow we’ll take the time to enjoy ourselves.  Tomorrow, when everything calms down.  This I can report from the front lines:  life never calms down long enough for us to wait until tomorrow to start living the lives we deserve.  Life is always movement, always change, always unforeseen circumstances.”

And yet again from one of my favorite running authors George Sheehan:

“There are those of us who are always about to live.  We are waiting until things change, until there is more time, until we are less tired, until we get a promotion, until we settle down / until, until, until.  It always seems as if there is some major event that must occur in our lives before we begin living.”

Waiting seems to be my default setting.  And yet I’m tired of ‘waiting’ and ‘tomorrow’.  And I certainly don’t want some major event to come along to slam me out of this.  So I’m going to have to be the one to get myself back into ‘today’.  I need to do something ‘for me’ everyday.  I need to get my own self out the damn door to play in the dirt and to exercise.  I need to spend more time playing with my critters instead of just caring for them.  These are all things that bring joy into my life and they’re right here.  And I need to remember to be grateful for each and every day gifted to me.  The messes and the chaos are never going to entirely disappear, in fact there seems to be a never-ending supply.  So I have got to remember to kick them to the curb to wait their turn so I can take care of me.  I deserve to live now, not “Tomorrow”.

Life At Our House

Nothing exciting going on at the moment.  Spider Bait had his Band Banquet tonight.  Saver of Bugs is getting company at school this weekend in between her to-do’s.  The Husband was nice to the family and made brownies today.

Yummmmm.  And on a ‘me’ note I sent Husband out to splurge on Amaretto and ice cream.   My comfort drink of choice is hot chocolate with Amaretto and marshmallows.  And, yes, I am indulging as I write.

Fur Babies and Other Friends

It has been tooooo long since I clipped kitty claws.  The poor dears were getting snagged on the rug and leaving puncture wounds on us humans.  So claw clipping was on the agenda today.

Raven, who is usually good.

Annie, who is sometimes bad, but behaved today.

There is no picture here of me clipping Espe.  She will let you do her hind claws and then wrestles with you over her front ones and she wasn’t impressed with the flash.  So instead you get a before and after picture of her claws and then a picture of her hanging on my shoulder.  Which is one of the reasons to keep her claws clipped.


Much Better

Left shoulders are MINE!

And this dog of ours thinks he lives here or something.

Out in the Yard 

 There hasn’t been any yard fun done because I just didn’t want to face the cold and rain.   Lazy butt, that’s me.  The sun did pop out briefly yesterday evening and lit up all the seed pods on the maple trees.  So that is our header for today.


A while back, January I think, I wasn’t feeling good and decided to make myself something to keep my reading glasses in in the livingroom so I wouldn’t keep losing them or sitting on them.  I took a metal orchid pot hiding under a bench in the Dungeon and lined it with purple felt.  I liked it so much I decided to do the other 2 pots down there so I would have one for the kitchen and one for my bedroom.

I also finally finished up a flower pin I crocheted.


Today’s crystal is Bloodstone.  Bloodstone is green quartz flecked with red or yellow Jasper.  It is readily available and is found in Australia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Russia and India.  It’s astrological associations are Aries, Libra, and Pisces and it is associated with the Heart Chakra.

Bloodstone is said to be a grounding and protecting stone keeping out ‘evil’ and undesirable influences.  Bloodstone can give you courage, flexibility, and assist you in acting in the present moment.  It can dispel confusion, calm the mind, and revitalize an exhausted mind.   Emotionally it can reduce irritability and aggressiveness.  It can help you bring spirituality into your everyday life.  Wear or position on the body as appropriate.

Mug of the Day

This mug is one of a set of Lenox mugs I got one Christmas with Macy gift cards.  (I was supposed to, hint hint, buy clothes with those cards 🙂 )  Anyway, the set includes a Cardinal, a Nuthatch, a Chickadee, and an American Goldfinch.  I keep these mugs on my rack all year because I adore them.  They also make excellent hot chocolate mugs which is why I grabbed one tonight.  This is both sides of the same mug.

I am now going to watch a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode to relax and finish my Amaretto laced hot chocolate which is waiting for me on my mug warmer.  I already finished the Cheetos.  Hey, it’s comfort food tonight and I had cravings.

Heck inna Handbasket

This has been “One of Those Days”.  Nickled and dimed to death.  I hate being pecked at all day.  Bad night, bills, taxes (more), car situation, puking, poop/diarrhea,  uncooperative machinery, blah, blah, blah.  Got the picture?  Need I put details?  I didn’t think so.  Saver of Bugs has been here done that, so she is probably way glad to be at school.  Spider Bait at least had the self-preservatory instincts to not put “Look at the Bright Side of Life” from “Spamalot” on his I-Pod.  It would not have gone well for him.  Instead he brought me a ‘Kiss’ so I could “eat chocolate and think happy thoughts”.  I would have smacked him, but he did bring me chocolate.  So this will be a hit and run post.  Here’s a quote I can relate to today:

“It’s not the tragedies that kill us,” Dorothy Parker once observed, “it’s the messes.”

But since I’m supposed to be looking for positive things, through gritted teeth I’ll give you this:

“Every morning when we wake up we’ve been given a wonderful gift – another day of life-…   Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance

My mug for tomorrow will probably be this:

In keeping with the mood today, there are currently 2 squirrels beating the crap out of each other on my roof.   It sounds like screeching elephants.  I keep waiting for one of the little suckers to take a header off the side.

My header today is moss growing in our yard.  I laid down on my tummy to get this picture:

So that’s it.  The boys are at scouts for at least another hour and I quit.  Comfort food,  absolutely tea, a show of my choice (a rerun with a happy ending) are all on the menu.  I need a couple of hours of mental health time.  Bye!