Squee! Another Sign Of Spring!

I glanced out the window as darkness fell….

and spotted a Robin at one of my bird baths. Yay!  Welcome back, Mr. Robin!


My First Spring Flowers

As you may have noted from my last posting, the weather this winter has been erratic to say the least.  My crabapple bush tried to bloom last month, two months early, and the buds got frozen out.  So that bush is a bust.  And the wild raspberries in my yard are trying to go for it too.  So there will be a lot less flowers and fruit this year and probably some dead plants as well. If it doesn’t get cold enough to put them to sleep they either freeze to death or use up their food stores and starve to death before spring is properly sprung.

I’m happy to say that it appears my bulbs have weathered this nonsense well (no pun intended) and are beginning their annual show. (Except for the daffys, which are early.)

Peaking through the leaves I haven’t raked off yet.

A purple crocus peaking as well.

My mini irises.

Even if they’re early, I still love my daffys!

My first ‘bouquet’ of daffys! I love their smell. It’s the scent of spring.


Surprise! Turkeys!

So I glanced out the window in the early afternoon and saw big ‘somethings’ moving around in the brush behind my neighbor’s shed. Moving to a better vantage point allowed me to see that there were TURKEYS back there! I’ve not had turkeys in my backyard before.  I ran for the camera.

They had come around the shed by the time I got my camera.

There has been a lot of drilling and fracking in our area which means A LOT of lost habitat for the animals. Makes me wonder what will head our way next.

While I was wishing they were closer for better pictures, at the same time I did NOT want them to find my bird feeders! Turkeys make a lot of poo! Not to mention scratching and ripping up the grass.

They wandered away out of sight but not before stopping in front of the neighbor’s raspberry patch. It is amazing how well they blend in.


This Weather Is Obnoxious

Yesterday was a sunny 54 degrees Farenheit.  Here’s what I woke up to today:


Frosted Moss (A Brief Moment In Time)

As I was outside with the energizer bunny (Ryder), the sky darkened and small wee bits of snow swirled in the wind. It lasted only 5 minutes, but that was long enough to coat the moss in our yard in waves of white frosting.

Notice the little wavy pattern of the snow.

Notice the little wavy pattern of the snow and how it’s stuck to just one side of the moss.

Unfortunately, it came in 5 minutes and then left in 5 minutes.  The temperature was exactly 32 degrees farenheit and the sun was peeking off and on through the clouds just enough to melt everything it touched.

You can see some of the droplets beginning to form from the snow.  It was beautiful while it lasted.


I’m Awake! (and hungry!)

Cooper has decided he is done with brumation – a condition somewhat similar to hibernation in mammals. “I’m awake!” he says, “Feed me!”.

Someone also needs a bath to help him with that shedding skin!

Someone needs a bath to help him with that shedding skin! Also note the half black throat.  Male beardies will do a lot of displaying after they come out of brumation.  In their natural habitat, it would be time to mate!





Yum Yum! Green beans are his favorite after dandelion greens. So out of a mixed dish he will pick them out first. Picky, picky.

Yum Yum! 


I Just Don’t Get It…

Ryder sleeps like this on a regular basis.  HOW is that comfortable?

If I slept like that I wouldn't be able to move my head for a month!

If I slept like that, I wouldn’t be able to move my head for a month!