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A Quote

What happiness there is when I awake to find near me the gift of a Morning!    — Abbie Graham

Our Loss of Wonder

Random Thoughts

Apparently Saver has the flu.  Any good thoughts or well wishes  you could send her way will be greatly appreciated.


I’m happy to report my back is almost better.  I’m starting to get some sleep at night.  More would be better, but I’m at least semi-conscious during the day now.  I wound up spending too much time considering life and getting into a funk.  These two sayings popped for me:

“The tragedy of life is not in the fact of death, but in what dies inside of you while you live.”  — Norman Cousins

From ‘Romancing the Ordinary’ by Sarah Ban Breathnach:  Toward  the end of her life, the great environmentalist Rachel Carson confessed that if she could bestow a birth gift on every child, it would be “a sense of wonder so indestructible that it would last throughout life, as an unfailing antidote against the boredom and disenchantments of later years” and the inevitable “alienation from the sources of our strength.”

Do you remember when you were a child and anything was possible?  The world was yours for the taking.  You could be anything you wanted, go anywhere in the world, discover hidden treasures, live happily ever after.  And then you begin to grow up and ‘Real Life’ happens and the exuberance and wonder you had as a child is slowly eroded away.  How many of us manage to hang on to that rush?  To the feeling that every new day is an adventure waiting to happen?  Not anyone I know, me included.

So this is where I acknowledge I’ve written myself into a corner.  ‘Cause I really have not reached a conclusion and have had no flash of insight.  I still need to find a way back, a path to follow.  Maybe I should just start with ‘mornings’.

This is funny – “Start each day with a smile and get it over with.” — W.C. Fields

And I love many of this woman’s sayings – “What happiness there is when I awake to find near me the gift of a Morning!” — Abbie Graham

And we really should be grateful every time we do get another one of those.  (I’m done throwing quotes around now.)

Life At Our House

Not much to report.  The Christmas Tree’s bone structure was removed from the house and its remains were literally raked up off the floor and thrown into the burn pile with the carcass.  Finally.

We also have been having -more- snow.  And now the weather is warming up and I was greeted with this view from my kitchen window.

I think there is a lot of snow melting off my roof.

I think there is a lot of snow melting off my roof.

So where did the drip, drip come from that formed this random icicle hanging off the tree branch?

So where did the drip, drip come from that formed this random icicle hanging off the tree branch?

Fur Babies and Other Friends

So now that I have been on regular spider patrol, I have baby crickets.

Dinner time!

Dinner time!

Which is a good thing because Cooper just keeps on growing.  Check it out.

When Cooper came here he was thiiiis big...

When Cooper came here he was thiiiis big…

And now he's THIS big!

And now he’s THIS big!

Out In The Yard (or Plants n stuff)

I went a little crazy right after Christmas.  I HAVE to get back to the stuff that makes me happy.  The things that I do well.  And plants are in that catagory.  It’s a long story, but I’m mostly plantless these days.  And the house used to have plants all over.  I really, really miss and need greenery in my life.

Because I needed to buy Cooper a bigger house (he grew waaaay faster than anticipated) and I’m greedy and want as much as I can get for the least amount of money;  I hit sales and clearance racks for greenery.  On sale for $2-$3 a bulb were Amaryllis.  I love growing them and bringing them into bloom.  Somewhere I have a picture of Saver when she was little in her Christmas outfit sitting next to one of my Amaryllis in bloom.  *sigh*

I bought 3 and planted them in my Christmas planter.  I will get blooms off 2 of them this year.  In fact, one of them is open and a surprise.  The box said I was getting a single white.  But this is what I really got.  Surprise!

Does that look like pure white to you?

Does that look like pure white to you?

And that's definitely a second row of petals, so not a single either.

And that’s definitely a second row of petals, so not a single either.

This was a special treat of a surprise.

Mug of the Day

Saver is on her way back to bed with her flu bug and it’s 12:30 a.m. so I leave you here.  Night all!


Winging It

I started typing up a post about being immortal that went wide and wound up being something else I’m going to save for a future post.  So now what?  I have daily stuff to put up, but I’m kinda side tracked mentally cause I want to go finish that other post.  But it’s for later and here I am now.  I could whine.  I’m really, really good at whining.  How about my favorite – lack of sleep?  Cause computer crap ran around and around and around in my head last night.  No?  Darn.  Well, I’ll just go straight to one of my favorite quotes then.

“I open the door.  The gorgeous guest from afar sweeps in.  In her hands are her gifts – the gifts of hours and far-seeing moments, the gift of mornings and evenings, the gift of spring and summer, the gift of autumn and winter.  She must have searched the heavens for boons so rare.” –Abbie Graham

Life At Our House

Mom got to do really exciting things today.  You know, like laundry.  Spider Bait got to go to work today from 9-1 and learn to pinch the heads off geraniums.  About a thousand of them in there.  (Mom is chuckling gleefully.)  The past 2 Sundays he worked, he helped pot up about five thousand starters (helped remember, not by himself).  And this is a small greenhouse!  Saver of Bugs worked there her junior and senior years and it looks like Spider Bait will too.

After work, father and son went on a Boy Scout fishing venture.  Mom was very happy when they did not come home covered in mud this time.  And the only thing they smelled of was wood smoke.

Fur Babies and Other Friends

Saver of Bugs you get another picture of Annie today.  Espe is refusing to pose.

They always look so sweet asleep

They always look so sweet asleep


Today was change the air stones in the fish tanks day.  And also hook up new pumps.  It didn’t go quite as smoothly as I had hoped.  It turns out that some airstones I had grabbed in a hurry had ends that were tooooo small.  It meant I was cutting new airline tubing and jerry rigging things to make them stay on the tubes.  It got really fun when I went to re-change what I thought was a bad airstone and found out that it wasn’t bad.  It had just simply fallen off down into the uplift tube.  (Your tank Saver of Bugs)  It had to come out because it was blocking the tube and thus the airflow into the tank.  But taking the big uplift tube out would make an unholy gravel mess that I just didn’t want to deal with.  And then it hit me!  Jumbo chopsticks!  We have these really long chopsticks hooked together with string that have pointy ends!  (And I have no idea where we got them.)  Well there was room for one chopstick in there next to the airstone but not both.  Grrrrr.  (Now think of this, I’m standing on a stool next to a high dresser so I can see down into a tank I just finished topping off with water, flashlight in one hand and big awkward chopsticks in the other.  I might have gotten some water over the side onto the dresser.)  Inspiration finally struck.  I could wedge the airstone against the big tube with one chopstick and jam the pointy end of the other chopstick into the hole of the airstone and then lift it out.  Hurray! Problem solved, airstone reconnected.

I had, after several months of messing with air pump parts, caved and ordered some new air pumps.  Strange new air pumps.  I have been using Elite’s for years.  They were a good and reasonably priced air pump.  I hate change.  I mean, really dislike it.  So I was not happy ordering strange air pumps.  But they are here and so to change the pumps.

They work.  But I wish they still made my favorite Elite’s.

Saver of Bugs – I did a head count and all fish are present and accounted for.  But we really need to have a talk about all that cryptocoryne.  The leaves have practically sealed the top of tank off and are blocking quite a bit of the light.

Here is a pic of Hopeful Harry (Jake) lying on the kitchen floor wishing for handouts after dinner.  We had carrots and he luuuuuves carrots.  So much so he now knows the sound of the peeler.  Start peeling something and he will come running and sniffing, hoping it’s a carrot up there and that he will get some.


Out in the Yard 

Spring has officially sprung.  Just look at those dandelions in the header!  A handful of them are feeding my hermit crabs who adore eating fresh dandelion flowers.

Tomorrow I tackle my debris strewn kitchen table!

Mission Statement and Mouse Trap Car

This was originally supposed to be a simple blog.  It’s original purpose was to keep our daughter (Saver of Bugs) up to date on the goings at home.  We had already slipped up once – no one had told her that her brother had attained Life Scout.  She would not be coming home this summer because of a research project and this blog would keep her up to date despite crazy schedules (hard to skype and phone if one’s busy and the other is not. And I suck in the e-mail dept. And -no- I don’t know why it annoys me so.)

However, once the discussion got going it took on a life of its own.  It is now The Beast of All Things.  Thoughts, quotes, fur babies, plants, house projects, exercise, LARPS, you name it, it’s coming.  Both daughter and I will be blogging.  And since I live in chaos, I decided I wanted order on the blog.  Not everyone will be interested in all topics so I am going to title as I go.  That way, people can just zip past what they’re not interested in.

  1. Random Thoughts  (Quotes, thoughts, mom’s ramblings)
  2. Life At Our House  (What we’re doing, cooking, crafts, you know – stuff)
  3. Fur Babies and Other Critters (self explanatory)
  4. Out In The Yard (plant stuff, bugs, projects,…)
  5. Home Caring (an attempt to put a positive spin on turning chaos into home again.)
  6. Movement  (our attempt to get our sorry butts back into some semblance of fit)

We won’t be hitting all of these everyday and Saver of Bugs will add her own on her posts.  Variety is the spice of life – right?  So let’s get started!

Random Thoughts

So this morning sucked.  When I’m looking to commit bodily harm for the enjoyment factor, I try to think ‘happy’ thoughts.  Sometimes I even succeed!  Other times I try to distract myself and going through my quote book helps.  Today I enjoyed this quote by Abbie Graham from “Ceremonials of Common Days”:

“But as I watch the stars of evening, and in the morning open my window toward the east, I shall observe the Ceremonial of quietness of heart, of simplicity, and poise of spirit, that I may keep my soul and the souls of others free from entanglements in the machinery of a day.”

Fur Babies and Other Friends


Say “Hi!” to Scooter!

Life At Our House

Hurray!  I learned how to take pictures off the camera, put them in the computer, and then put them on the post!   AND I DIDN’T BREAK A SINGLE THING AND THE COMPUTER STILL RUNS!  This gets a Gold Star!  And I have to thank my son, who confessed to being leary of teaching his mother to ‘go deeper’ into the computer and did it anyway.

Today was also, “Crap, I have to make a mouse trap car for physics tomorrow.” day.  (Mother says, “Grrrrrrrrrr”.)

So a box full of previous incarnations was retrieved from a former physics student.  And thus the work began with some input from dad (who was enjoying himself whether or not he wants to admit it).

Some of the materials.  (And what the heck did they use the rubber ducky for?)


Hard at work….


A little help…


 And Voila!  A Mouse Trap Car!  (Now if it will just go the required distance tomorrow…)


Isn’t it beautiful? 🙂

Yikes, it’s tomorrow already!   Good Night!