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Gone a’LARPing

Random Thoughts

Saver of Bugs is off on a six-hour drive across a couple of states to go to a LARP (live action role play).  At this LARP her character is feline based (I’m not really sure what the correct term is).  So from Friday to Sunday, with roughly 5-7 hrs of sleep per night, she will live in another world.


As the 5 houses vie for power and riches, rumours abound from the frontier.  Rumours of fist sized gems and untold treasures are followed by stories of fur faced terrors, green-skinned beasts, giants, spirit creatures and the undead terrorizing the settlements.  Important as any physical weapon are the spells and magikal abilities of those who inhabit this world.  With the 5 houses scheming and in contention and terrors real and imagined roaming the land,  who truly holds the power of the frontier?


Fun Fact:  Saver of Bugs has always liked saving whiskers.  We don’t know where her original collection, stuck in a ball of clay, went.  Probably ‘somewhere safe’ to never be seen again.  But she did have enough on her dresser to make herself a small necklace/talisman for her character.  It turns out that her necklace incited horror from some who thought she had plucked the whiskers off her cats!  They didn’t know that whiskers are really just specialized hairs that die and shed just like regular hair.  And did you know that cats have whiskers on their paws?  This is one of the reasons cats reach out slowly to touch strange objects with just the very tips of their paws.  They can get a sensory reading from their paw whiskers!  Of course, if the ‘object’ moves or appears threatening, that reach is followed with a nasty slap!

Life At Our House

About  3 o’clock this afternoon I realized that I would survive the sinus migraine and rejoin the living.  With some help from Spider Bait,  I began tackling the week’s worth of laundry in the basement.  The first load in was my sheets so that I could hang them outside to dry.  The sun had come out this afternoon along with a brisk breeze.  So tonight I get to sleep on sun-dried bed clothes.  My whole room smells like sunshine just from the sheets.  We get rain tomorrow, but Sunday is supposed to be sunny.  I may do my monthly bed stripping then and put everything out in the sun.

Guess what I found standing straight up in the grass under the laundry lines?

A Crow’s feather!

Fur Babies and Other Friends


Just a reminder.  There are many different uses for crystals and also many different interpretations.  What I put here is just a taste, so to speak.

Below is green calcite.  Calcite comes in many colors:  blue, green, yellow, orange, clear, brown, pink, grey, red.  It also comes from many places:  US, Britain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Mexico, Slovakia, Peru, Iceland, Romania, Brazil.  Green calcite here is most commonly from Mexico.  Its astrological sign is Cancer and it is associated with the heart chakra.

Green Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy.  Having a piece of it in a room can help cleanse negative energy.  It is a mental healer.  It can help restore balance to the mind, calm emotions, and help with anxiety and panic attacks.  It is said to be a stimulator for the immune system and can help soothe inflammation.  Hold or place on your body or wear as a pendant.

 Out in the Yard

Grape Hyacinths and Pink Phlox together

Mug For Tomorrow

Sorry for the blurry pics.  Still a bit shaky.

Dear Dorothy: Hate Oz, Took the shoes, Find your own way Home. Toto

PS.  Had to rewrite over half the post after it disappeared.  And why does spell check highlight a word and then say it has no suggestion?  (Grrrrr)