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Just Touching Base

Random Thoughts

So life has been making me crazy.  It’s taxes, which my husband’s work screwed up and we’re probably going to get stuck paying the penalties.  It’s financial time for my daughter’s school and I’m late – again.  It’s getting my son’s admissions and financial shit done so he can start college in the fall.  And I need to get him a passport for the school trip in June.  Oh, and did I mention the sleep deprivation that’s helping me function so well? (heavy sarcasm)  And, of course, Boston.  So I’m a little bonkers right now.

However, I did want to try to get at least 100 posts up this year.  Hopefully, I’ll do more than that, but that’s at least 2 a week and I’m behind already! 🙂  I need to start making notes.  I think to myself, “Oh, I should put this on the blog.” and then it scoots right out of my brain.  Notes, I need to make notes.

I have nothing profound to say today.  Just touching base.  Hopefully, I’ll get all the financial crap out of the way by Wednesday and have myself a sleep in day.  And then it’ll be onward and forward.  Spring is here and there is sooo much to do!

“There’s a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in.” — Leonard Cohen

Life At Our House

Saver came home for the weekend.  It is always nice to get some daughter time.  Saver came home because Spider Bait was given his Eagle Scout award.  I cried.  Saver cried.  We were so thrilled.  He doesn’t like his picture on the blog or I would show you how handsome he looked all dressed up.  You’ll have to make do with a picture of the pin I got ’cause he’s an Eagle Scout.

Dad got one, too.  Only it says 'Dad' on it!  :)

Dad got one, too. Only it says ‘Dad’ on it! 🙂


I caved and bought a rosemary plant and a basil plant (I have seeds).  Even though the basil is still a baby I pinched some leaves and made a tomato sandwich.  *sigh*  I wish it was summer all year.



Fur Babies And Other Critters

I'm going to climb wherever I want to!

I’m going to climb wherever I want to!

Mmmmmm, Saver's home.

Mmmmmm, Saver’s home.

Out In The Yard

I took these pictures about 2 weeks ago.  My crocuses’ last hurrah.

Little irises and crocus

Little irises and crocus

Lotsa purple

Lotsa purple



Mug of the Day


I cannot remember how I got this mug.  There’s a story.  I just cannot remember it right now.  *sigh*  Saver, how ’bout you?