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My Birthday at the Zoo

For my birthday, I decided I wanted to go to the zoo.  I figured out that I hadn’t been since my daughter took a Career Exploration class there.  That was FOUR years ago.  I used to go every year at least once!  And I needed my ‘lellaphant fix!

Mother’s Day (and also my birthday) was out.  They had stuff going on and it would be packed.  So, today, Saturday, would do.  Uh, huh.  Everyone and all his relatives plus a couple of busloads showed up.  There were a trillion, berjillion people there.  Did I mention how I don’t like crowds?  That they make me cranky and give me a headache and make me twitch and sometimes make it hard to breathe?  Yes, I have learned to deal with this (mostly) over the years.  There are too many crowd inducing things I enjoy.  But I start having trouble when the crowds reach the shoulder to shoulder, shuffle walk stage.

The paths and outdoor exhibits were annoying but  manageable.  However, at the indoor monkey house I made it about 20 feet in and said, “Head for the exit.”  I could have turned around and gone back out, but I wanted to see some of it; but I also didn’t want to fight for a window.  Exhibits were peeked at over and around heads as we shuffled and stopped even though we were trying to get out.  My son said, “You know this was a lot easier when I was short and could get through everyone’s legs.  Somehow, I don’t think it would be socially acceptable if I did that now, though.”  I told him that at 5’10” and 17 years old, they would probably arrest him for being a perv. 🙂

Despite the crowds, I had a good time, got my ‘lellaphant fix (twice), and treated myself to gravy fries and 2 (yes, two) softserve vanilla, waffle cone, ice creams.  Yummm.  I also took 137 pictures, whittled down to 70 after eliminating all the bad shots and unwanted duplicates, and despite the fact a lot of the animals were being uncooperative.  For example, I like tigers, but I want more than a hip and twitching tale in my picture.  Now I know no one is going to sit through 70 zoo pictures so I’m going to try to keep it around 20-ish.  Enjoy.

Our greeter at the zoo

Iris along the water’s edge is our header for today.

Rock fish

Sand shark at least 5 ft. long

Sea Otter pup

Mug of the Day 

There is no mug of the day.  The mug of the day, a black and orange striped tiger mug purchased at the zoo and never even used, is lying in crumbs in the garbage can.  As I was carrying things into the house, I bent over just a bit and the freaking slippery plastic bag it was in squirted out of my arms.  Did it land in the multitude of soft dirt filled plant pots in the driveway?  Hell, no.  It flipped so it missed them and hit the concrete.  Fortunately, it was the only casuality.  My son’s zoo shot glass survived and so did the ‘It’s my birthday.’ rationalized purchase of a soap stone (?) egg carved with an Elephant.  So you get a picture of that instead.