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Porch Patrol

Our own personal insect catcher.

Our own personal insect catcher.

Regularly throughout the summer we have been startling a toad hopping about our porch in the evenings.  When I rescued some plants from a pitch pile and put them on the porch to see if they would survive, he decided to set up house.

I would fit if I could just shove this plant out of here.

I would fit if I could just shove this plant out of here.

So out of curiosity I filled a pot half way with dirt and put it down next to the plant.



Of course, he’s redecorating to suit himself.  So now there’s a lot of dirt kicked out on the porch.  He has also decided the dog’s water dish makes a great bathtub.  The dog won’t drink after him.  🙂



I love that he spends part of his day with us.  I hope he lives a long, long life.  Did you know that they can live up to 30 years?  Soon he will be looking for a place to hibernate.  They can dig holes up to three feet deep to spend the winter in.  And I have a whhhhhole lot of loose, just dug up earth all over the yard! 🙂

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Random Thoughts

I had nowhere to be today.  A never-ending boatload of stuff that needs done here.  I really need to crank down on taking back this house.  But I had nowhere to be, no one to pick up, no stores to go to, nothing.  I have, however, had a lousy week of sleep and the tank was low so I slept in.  And actually slept, for nearly 12 hours.  No cats woke me up, no dog barking, no trucks or chain saws, no mystery phone calls.*   Just sleep.  My word how different the day looks when you’ve had a good nights sleep.  It was wonderful.  I got up around 1 pm., lingered over my breakfast/lunch and my blogs and didn’t hit the shower till 3.  A little time on the couch (see Fur Babies), dinner and Psych, and then I got some work done.  Laundry.  I wanted clean sheets and jammies so did that load and came back upstairs to find a cat had puked on my bed.  Sigh.  So the bedspread was going  to have to get washed as well.  Which means it won’t be dry till like 11:30.  Grrrr.  But, oh, well, right?  I’ve had a good nights sleep, I can take it.  And even though it was getting dark,  I went outside to get my hands in some dirt ’cause I needed to get in the dirt.  I feel much better now.  Hopefully, tonight will be a peaceful night as well and tomorrow I’ll conquer the world.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.”  – Buddha

* For a couple of days I was getting calls from the Elementary school.  I could never get to my cell phone fast enough and I don’t have a mailbox set up so I had no way of knowing who was calling.   I talked to the secretaries and they were confused as well since I have no children down there and haven’t been doing any volunteer work.  Then it hit me while I was in the ‘thinking room’ (bathroom), the IEP coordinator works out of the Elementary!  So I left her a message and sure enough, it was time to schedule my son’s last IEP meeting (he will be a senior next year, wwaaaaaaaahhhhh…).

Fur Babies and Other Friends

A leetle nappers:

Life At Our House (late night addition)

Do you see that frothy goodness?  Tomorrow there will be sourdough bread!

Out in the Yard

Our header today is a dwarf rhododendron.

Also, today I needed to go put my hands in dirt and get something done, even though it was getting dark.  So I weeded some window boxes that don’t sit in windows.  Last fall I had thrown some sprouting garlic in one rather than throw it out.  Here’s a picture part way in the weeding:

And – Ta Da – some of the garlic survived the winter in a box.  I have sprouting garlic in the basement from some that was given to me last fall and I threw some cloves in to fill the blank spots.  No, I’m not trying to grow giant heads.  I can’t eat bunches of garlic anymore.  So having some wee heads, where all I have to do is break off a tiny clove to throw in with my eggs suits me well.

Notice I’m losing light at this point.  But I am determined to do one more box and get my lettuce in.  So think of the top picture as a starting point again (weeds) and then I planted the lettuce I had purchased.  By street light at this point.  It would be nice if I could actually get a real garden in this year, but at least I’ll have a wee bit of lettuce and spinach (hopefully tomorrow).

I really need to get back out in the yard.  It was such a relief to be out there in the dirt that I didn’t want to come in even though it had gotten dark.

My Mug for Tomorrow

And after my daughter and I get done grumbling about her grandmother over Skype, I’m going to be heading for bed.  Hopefully for another good night’s sleep.