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Chillin’ In The Window (Cato Is Sure He Lives Here Now)

Sweet kitty!


Belly up, comfortable and secure.

Some New Residents

Playing catch up here.  Life likes to toss chaos into our world on too regular a basis.  In July, Saver had to return home.  Along with all her stuff she brought her and Trilobite’s two cats. Eventually everyone will be heading down to Texas to Trilobite.  In the meantime, they are adjusting to life here.


This is Armel.  He is helping Saver sew.  Last fall at a LARP, Armel, malnourished and loving, wandered into the campsite.  The Ranger at the park said they couldn’t keep or feed him and would love if someone took him home.  Trilobite and Saver caved.  He is a major food thief.  He even tore open a bag of uncooked rice I brought home. *UNCOOKED* rice.  *Shakes head*


Meet Cato.  He and his siblings were hand raised by Saver when a stray cat that was brought in at the house they were sharing had kittens.  Everyone found a home and, of course, Saver and Trilobite had to keep one for themselves.  He is currently 9 months old and thinks our bird feeders are awesome.  I wish he would quit climbing my screens. 😦


My old lady Espe.  She thinks kids are annoying.


How can you not love this face?  (Saver wishes he wouldn’t ‘help’ with sewing. 😀 )


Cato isn’t much for having a camera in his face.  But he does love belly rubs.


Time has passed and everyone is starting to get along.


Some of them even beg for popcorn together.

Ah, well.  It may be crazy around here, but I guess that’s better than boring! 😀