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Taking Time Back

Random Thoughts

A few years ago I was blissfully ignorant of blogs and sports sites.  Then one day I found out I could read about bike races on the internet!  Yes!  No more gleaning American newspapers and newscasts for their woefully thin coverage of bike racing.  And then one year I found out that for $29.95 I could watch LIVE coverage of the Tour de France on the internet!  I did a snoopy dance and whipped out my credit card.  I began following racing online.  I began following bike racers on Twitter.  Every night and sometimes in the day I would be glued to the screen.

And then one day I was looking up an author to see when the next book came out.  And something about her blog title caught my eye that day and I shrugged and clicked to see what was what.  OMG.  It wasn’t just the post that amazed me, it was the community of people talking on the site.  It was wonderful.  From there I found more wonderful places to be.  And then one day I got really brave and actually posted a comment!  For me, the technologically challenged, that was a big day!  But it was also addicting.  And part of my problem was the need to ‘Know More’ that would send me into the archives.  More and more time was spent cruising the interwebs.  Into the wee hours of the morning.  Again as soon as I got up.  I was losing time out of my day and night.  My neck was bothering me more than usual and my lower back was screaming ‘Enough!

This was interfering with ‘life’.  So I had to make some cuts and set some limits.  It took longer than I thought it would and was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  What if I missed something good?  But what about the sleep schedule I don’t have?  What about the million and one things that I want to do or need done?  What about them?  It was hard, is hard.  But I’m down to just one bike racing site and 7 twitters.  The blogs I look at everyday (just 4) are the ones where I got started or I’m supposed to be at for some reason.  If I get through them quickly (breakfast is blog time), then I allow myself a quick peek at some of the others.  But no more additions for now.   I’m happy to say there is more time in my day (I’ve got time to do this blog, for instance) but I’m still having trouble with that midnight bedtime even though the blog hopping is over.  But at some point I’m going to kick that in the butt too.


I was out collecting more yard pictures and the sun was shining and the wind was blowing and I had this insane urge to just walk into the woods and not look back.  It was so lovely out.  So this quote jumped out at me:

“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.  — L.M. Montgomery

Life At Our House

It’s a little weird around here.  For the first time in years, heck maybe ever, we have an actual full Easter break from school.  Our school system usually tacks on days to the Easter weekend, not so much for an Easter break , but for snow day make-ups.  Only we didn’t get that much snow.  And they didn’t take any days for something else.  In fact, the Spring Band Concert got shoved to another week because it was scheduled for one of the break days that no one thought we’d get.  So we get a Thurs. to Tues. school break.  Weird.

Fur Babies and Other Friends 

Squirrels are very much in our life right now.  Gotta love spring!  So here’s a couple of pics from out kitchen window.  It was harder than I thought.  The little suckers don’t sit still for long, even when they’re eating.

Out in the Yard 

Todays picture is of wild violets.  They are all over our yard.  I really should try to grab some to press in a book.

And so to finish, here is my mug for tomorrow: