Crack For Animal Lovers

I guess I must just be slow or something, but I just discovered Explore dot org.  This is a site with tons of animal live cams.  Some with audio! I have spent too much time here this evening watching bears at Alaska’s Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park  fishing for salmon in a river.  Single bears and a mommy with cubs!  It’s also fun to watch the fish trying to jump up the falls. The comments are interesting too.  The people who frequent the bear site know some of these bears by sight.  Wow.  But the one I really can’t wait for is the one in Africa.  It’s night there as I type this.  Elephants, hippos, etc…!

Just click and enjoy!  Scroll down past the bears for the other cams and comments.


2 responses to “Crack For Animal Lovers

  1. Why do you do this to me? It’s not like I needed something else to watch.

    • OMG. You and me both. I’ve taken to popping Africa on about 11 pm and watching the sun come up at the watering hole. And I discovered yesterday that one of the clicks is Hawaii, both east and west of Oahu so you can watch both sunrises and sunsets. Just shoot me. Oh, and did I mention the whales? *head desk*

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