Ryder’s First Real Snow Since Puppyhood

Unfortunately for us, we can’t leave Ryder alone outside for more than a few minutes ’cause the little stinker is still eating inappropriate things. *sigh*  So, of course, Ryder was enthralled with the first real snow of the year. So much so, that he just kept asking to go out to pee, and then wouldn’t, because he just wanted to rub his face in the snow and hop around like a bunny. Potty trips are NOT play trips. Which meant many fruitless trips outside and it was making us crazy. At one point I loaded a Kong with treats and stuck him in his crate so I wouldn’t strangle his butt.

My daughter and I scrambled to clear up a long block of time for chasing and rambling so we could get him outside before he lost his little mind.  Or we lost ours. 😀  Luckily we have a partially wooded lot of an acre and a half to run his little legs off in.  So after a trip outside to hide toys in the snow, I opened the door and turned him loose.

Thanks to Saver of Bugs for the handful of pictures she was able to get of a speeding puppazoid in between gusts of snow.


“I’m gonna get you!”


Pounce and dig! (For some reason, Ryder likes to jump on his toys and then dig and kick them out behind him. Which, of course, necessitates more chasing!


“Come back here!”




Running, running, running!


Ryder: “Roooll…roooll…roooll…” Mom: “Yeah, how’s that working for you, Ryder?”


Mom: “Here, let me help. You watching?” Ryder: “Throw it, throw it, throw it…”


“Aaaand, he’s off!”


WOOT! Saver managed to catch a sliding stop with a right hand spin!

I'm just loving this snow!"

I’m just loving this snow!”

An hour later a much more relaxed and happy puppy came back to the house with us.  He got to nap and we had to get back to work.  Just not fair! O_o

2 responses to “Ryder’s First Real Snow Since Puppyhood

  1. Hey Ryder, Nice ears…YOU BABY! -Magic

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