Ryder at 20 Weeks

I thought it would be interesting to show the difference that only a few months can make in a puppy’s life.  Ryder came to us at 7 weeks of age and was 9 lbs at 8 weeks of age.  He is now 20 weeks old and 33 lbs. It is amazing how much he has grown!

Remember this little guy?  Aww, isn't he sweet?

Remember this little guy? Aww, isn’t he sweet?

How about those ears!?

How about those ears!?

He made himself at home pretty quick!

He made himself at home pretty quick! To think he was so tiny not so long ago!

These days he pretty much fills the crate!

These days he pretty much fills the crate!

Our little disc dog.

Our little disc dog?

Isn't so little any more!

Isn’t so little any more!

He was so tiny next to my foot!

He was so tiny next to my foot! I was afraid of accidentally squishing him!

And he's not even done growing!

So big now!  And he’s not even done growing!

Get that ball! It's almost half his size!

Get that ball!  This Jolly Ball survived its previous owner (Jake) and has been passed down to Ryder.



He does love his ball!

“Catch me if you can!” –  He does love his ball!

What's that? Attention puppy style.

“What’s that?” Attention puppy style!

Attention pre-teen style!  Note the foot on the frisbee staking his claim.

Attention pre-teen style! Note the foot on the frisbee staking his claim.

Such a tiny bundle!

Such a tiny bundle! Not even a lapful.

Now he doesn't fit in my lap at all!

Now he doesn’t fit in my lap at all!

I hope you enjoyed the past and present comparison.  It certainly is astonishing how fast they grow!

3 responses to “Ryder at 20 Weeks

  1. Oh my!! what a difference! Ryder has grown into a fine teenager! I can’t get over those ears.. Too cute!

    • Welcome back! I didn’t realize till just now that you had a blog yourself. Life has been a bit up and down here as you know and I guess I just didn’t notice when you were here last. So seeing that adorable little guy with you in your picture, I had to go spend some time getting caught up on your puppy adventures. I really enjoyed seeing all the fun you’re having with your new buddy. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t imagine life without the pitter patter of little furry feet. I wasn’t sure whether to post (and which posting?) at your place or not for the following so I’m putting it here in my comments.

      I’m a life long dog owner. You’re right – every single dog is different. It’s sad that you have someone in your life that is more concerned with criticizing you than in being helpful and your friend. It’s your dog and in the end you have to decide how much or how little you want to teach your dog. And also how much of different behaviors you want or don’t want to deal with. And sometimes you just have to pick your fights, giving up something to get something else. It’s you that has to live with this dog and you know what makes you both happy.

      You also need to back off on your worrying. You’re doing fine. Judging from what you’ve mentioned it sounds like your pup’s behavior is right on track for his age. As for his training, I would say you’re leaning more towards too much than not enough. If this works for you, fine. Just don’t feel that you have to prove something to the critical people. Personally, though, as I’ve gotten older I’m not as concerned with teaching tons of things one after another. My attitude is a lot more relaxed after having worked with so many abused animals. There is no ‘training’ per se if the animal is too afraid to even interact with you. The dog I lost to cancer last fall was such a mess it took 2 years to turn him back into a ‘normal’ dog. Slow really is ‘fast’. Remember, you have this dog’s whole life to teach him. It doesn’t all have to be today. But again – your dog, your life. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

      A friendly warning 🙂 – dogs don’t really get 100% reliable on their potty training till roughly 8 months old. That’s an average, your dog may be sooner or later. Just like little kids they’ll get busy or excited and forget to go. And then it’s, “Ack! I have to go NOW!” And you get a surprise to clean up. But we love them anyway, right? 😀 And speaking of potty training, you mentioned you’re moving to the city. (This is where I stick my nose into your business.) Since he likes privacy to pee (sensitive guy), I would start teaching him to pee on leash now so that you can take your time with it. That way he won’t be having to learn something new, potty wise, on top of the move. If things go well, teach him to go on command for those days when you’re in a hurry or the weather sucks. Just my two cents worth, take it or leave it! 🙂

      Best wishes to you and yours!

  2. Saver of Bugs

    It’s so amazing how fast they grow. My little kitten is 4 mos old now and he’s nearly as big as his mom! (Granted she is tiny) It’s so fun to be a part of.

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