1st Crystal Box Done (finally)

I have many, many crystals.  Like over 150.  BUT – only around 50 different kinds. I have been buying in bulk fairly cheap.  The idea was to sell the extras to get my money back.  Weellll, I haven’t gotten that far yet. 🙂  Even after I do get rid of a bunch of them, I will need some way to store them so that I can still enjoy them.

Enter small shadow boxes.  The crystals will still be visible, but dust free and cat safe.  Though my cats are pretty good about leaving stuff on my end table alone, anywhere else is fair game.  And I want to set these out so others can enjoy them as well.  Right now they are stored in boxes and plastic tubs and I have to go digging when I want something that isn’t out already.  That’s kinda pointless, right?  They are there to be used and enjoyed.  Not tucked out of sight.

So, I took some of my birthday cheer last spring and bought some boxes.  Three are shadow boxes and 2 are square windowed boxes to hold the larger massage stones.  I have finally gotten around to painting them.  Here’s the first one:

Plain shadow box for $5.

Plain shadow box for $5.

I decided to paint the inside with pearlized white paint.

I decided to paint the inside with pearlized white paint.

This box decided to be green.

This box decided to be green.  I lined the bottom of the sections with white felt to reduce the knocking around sounds.

I decorated with papers.

I decorated with papers.  After gluing the papers on I covered the outside of the box with two coats of varnish.

Long side 2.

Long side 2.

Back short side.

Back short end.

Short front end.

Front short end.

Loaded with crystals.

Loaded with crystals.  Starting with the lower left corner and going around the outside they are as follows:  Malachite – Lapis Lazuli – Tree Agate – Rough Septarian – Rough Black Amber – Fuchsite – Rough Yellow Jasper – Small Agate Geodes.  Now the center boxes left to right:  Moss Agate – Shiva Lingam – Desert Jasper

Two more boxes to finish up.  And I definitely need to pass along my extras.  How many Tree Agates does one person need? 😀

4 responses to “1st Crystal Box Done (finally)

  1. I don’t have all of those. I would certainly take some if you need 😛 Also that’s a gorgeous box. Nothing exciting going on here. Love to all!

    • Ha ha. I’ll just bet. I’d like to make at least some money back! 😀 Two more boxes to go.

      Glad to see you back here. Love right back at you and Trilobite.

  2. I love all of the love you put into your box. Everyone seems happy!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! I’ve always loved crystals but they were just ‘pretty bits’ till I started going to a local Renaissance Festival a few years back. I found a guy who sells crystals for a living and after I had picked out what I wanted, he looked them over and started pointing to the different crystals and telling me about things that were going on in my life based on what I had picked. He was spot on. And I was hooked. They make me happy and I think they deserve better treatment than being stuffed into baggies in containers. 🙂

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