USA Pro Challenge Starts Today! 5 PM Eastern

July was the Tour de France.  August brings the Tour of Utah (finished), the USA Pro Challenge (August 18 – 24) and the Vuelta a Espana (August 23 – September 14).  Of course, I have to watch the big USA races, right?  Thank heavens for Tour Tracker.  We only have minimalist cable.  Not that the sports stations cover bike races in their entirety here in the U.S. *shakes head*

The USA Pro Challenge starts off with the Aspen/Snowmass circuit race.  3 fast but grueling laps of about 22 miles each which includes 3 climbs up to Snowmass Village.  Ouch.

Here is a quick overview of the USA Pro Challenge:  (and look for the “SHUT UP LEGS” sign which is a tribute to my all time favorite Jens Voigt.)


For those of you who wish to watch online here is Tour Tracker:   And if you can’t get Tour Tracker, this site has other options such as Eurosport:

Here is a prerace video of my all time favorite rider Jens Voigt.  This will be his last race (he’s retiring) and I am seriously bummed.  I love this guy.  I won’t know how to act without him to look for in the races.  And his after the race commentary is hilarious. Someday I hope to get his “Shut Up Legs” T-shirt (  At least I can follow him on Twitter ( and on Facebook (  Yes, he is one of very few I will follow on Facebook.

Well.  The video takes about 24 seconds to get started.

Ah, Jensie, you will be missed!      LET THE ATTACKS BEGIN!


2 responses to “USA Pro Challenge Starts Today! 5 PM Eastern

  1. I probably won’t be able to keep up with races. Let me know who comes in the top spots please. Love you all and Trilobite says hi.

    • Will do my best. Kiel Reijnen (United Health Care) won stage one. Robin Carpenter (Hincapie Sportswear) won stage two. That put Alex Howes (Garmin Sharp) in yellow. He came in second on stage one and Reijnan came in pretty far down yesterday. He’s not a climber. Big climbing stage today. Coverage to start at 3:30.

      Give Trilobite a hug from me.

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