Let “Le Tour” Begin! or “Don’t Talk To Me In July”

The Tour de France begins tomorrow! (Oops, today! It is now after midnight. *sigh*)  Squee! The next 23 days will be filled with thrills and excitement!  My family will groan and complain, “Not again! Noo…”. 🙂

For those of you who don’t know, the Tour de France is one of the premier bike races in the world.  It is held every July for 3 weeks and for 3 weeks I will be watching online mesmerized by one of sports most breathtaking and grueling spectacles.  For an overview of “Le Tour” read my post here.

My dad got me hooked on the Tour de France as a child.  Every July, every day, we looked for news of “Le Tour”.  It was the only bike race covered on the news channels in the U.S. at that time.  And all we got were the highlights.  Later came cable.  But that got way too expensive.  And then one year I found out you could get it online.  Swoon!   Every summer I pay to watch the Tour de France online.  Live and on demand so I don’t miss a thing.  So don’t talk to me in July.  July is for “Le Tour”.

I like to spread the cheer.  If you live in the U.S. and would like an all access pass for online viewing (cost $29.95), go to NBC Sports here.   Sometimes you can view for free on sites like Eurosport, but it’s limited to whatever coverage they have. A lot of times in real-time which isn’t bad if you’re an early riser.  Two good places to look for links:  Cycling Fans dot-com and Steephill TV.

Here are some videos for warm up.  This first one is “Le Tour” from the air.  If you aren’t into racing, watch it for the breathtaking scenery.  It has castles and sunflowers!

A fun one where you can see the crowds and some of the events that go on before the race.  There are even some shots from the caravan.  Remember all this is packed up and moved to a new location every day!

Scenery, crashes, race shots, and victories!

And the last video is of Yorkshire, England!  It’s gorgeous! The first days of the race will start in England this year.


3 responses to “Let “Le Tour” Begin! or “Don’t Talk To Me In July”

  1. Oh dear, am I even going to get updates from you for a month?
    No terribly exciting news from me except that Trilobite is visiting for a few days! She says Hi! Hope you had a good Fourth of July! Love to all.

    • Yeah, I’ll keep posting. Just don’t talk to me during race time! YOU KNOW THE DRILL!

      Jensie did his trademark escape and managed to get enough points to take the King of the Mountains jersey AND they also gave him the most combative prize as well. SQUEE! Unfortunately, par for the first day of Le Tour, there was a big crash and Mark Cavendish might be out for good. *sigh*

      Give Trilobite a squeeze from me. Hope you two have a good weekend. What does she think of your attic space? (It would be nice if you put up a post…)

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