Find the Baby Mantis

Remember all the Preying Mantis egg cases my son got out of the butterfly bushes?  They’ve hatched!  I’ve been finding baby Mantis’s all over the place.  Even on my couch!  But nobody would hold still long enough for a picture – till today!  I found one while I was working outside and yelled and yelled until someone heard me and brought me the camera.  Until then I played corral the baby Mantis.

Can you see him?

Can you see him?



See how tiny?!

See how tiny?!

So cute!  And they eat lots 'n lots of bugs!

So cute! And they eat lots ‘n lots of bugs!

And I also collected a small handful of Serviceberries from my baby tree. (Damn late frosts!)

A couple of spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream, a dash of milk, and berries.  Mmmmm...

I’m ending my day with a couple of spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream, a dash of milk, and ripe serviceberries. Mmmmm…


2 responses to “Find the Baby Mantis

  1. I always love mantises, they are so cool. We found less pleasant bugs in our house today, fun times. Do you happen to know of any more natural, less toxic ways to deter cockroaches besides bugspray?

    • First off – clean, clean, clean. Your food needs to be sealed up. Even your flour needs to be bagged. No leaving dirty dishes out overnight or while no one is around and keep the lid on the garbage. Apparently they also like grease, so the stove needs to be cleaned.

      Do you know how they’re getting in? Can you seal that off?

      1) A good way to get rid of adults (doesn’t affect nest or eggs) is to take a pop bottle, cut the top off and invert it into the bottom of the bottle and tape it down. Pour beer in the bottom. They’ll fall into the beer and drown. Cocoa is another attractant. Tape the bottle to the baseboard or you’ll have beer all over the floor.

      2) A way to kill everyone (the roaches should take this back to the nest) is 3 parts borax (laundry aisle) and 1 part sugar or cocoa. It is apparently safe unless ingested in large amounts. However, since you don’t know how any animal will react to “new” stuff, I would put it in places they can’t reach or make “houses” for the stuff. The pop bottle would be a good example. Use it as is. Make sure it is dry inside, poor the mixture in, and then lay the bottle on its side and tape it to the floor or inside a cupboard or closet so your critters can’t bat it about and spill and eat the stuff.

      In case the roaches come out to die, I would start this when you can be home for a day or so. If the cat or the dogs decide they like the taste of dead cockroach, they might eat the poisoned ones. They’re all big enough, even the cat, that eating a few shouldn’t hurt. But best not to take any chances. Good luck!

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