And The Christmas Rush Begins

So…. I have 2 whole weeks till Christmas.  And I haven’t even started shopping.  This is me:


From The Best Things in Life . . . Aren’t Things 2013 Calendar by Mary Engelbreit

Aside from Christmasy crap, I also need to do critter crap that is way behind.  I don’t want to do it after Christmas when we’re enjoying the holiday (kids home).  And then we have our second Christmas with the In-laws on New Year’s.  Today was a bust ’cause I’m having sleep issues again.  So I’m making a schedule.  Again.  But a few Christmas themed jobs did get done this weekend.

First, The Husband got the screens down off the windows and washed them.  I would love to have 5 minutes with whatever idiot came up with window screens on the inside of the house.  OMG, the mess and the bugs.  Now we’ll need to wash the windows so I can get the lights up.

Second,  the Christmas dishes got washed and put away.  Christmas at every meal.

I can't even remember how old these dishes are.

I can’t even remember how old these dishes are.

Third, the mugs were brought up and now hang on the mug rack.

Running out of room...

Running out of room…

My mother showed up to drop off a plant she said had my name on it.

Christmas Cactus!

Christmas Cactus!

And I am now sitting here drinking Hot Sweet Cider out of one of my Christmas mugs!  Hopefully, I will get more done tomorrow!

Go Santa, Go!

Go Santa, Go!

6 responses to “And The Christmas Rush Begins

  1. I expect there to be sweet cider punch stuff when I come home. 😛 Good luck with all the Christmas stuff. And wish me luck with finals! Love you all.

  2. We have so much snow!!!!

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