Life Is Just So DAILY (–Dick Sattler)

Random Thoughts

This is from my “The Best Things in Life…Aren’t Things” calendar by Mary Engelbreit.


It’d be nice if life would just back off and give us a break.  I’m feeling run over at the moment.


Saver found this and put it in the last post’s comments:

“Finally in regards to simple pleasures being missed, I will share this:
In order to understand you must read the whole caption.  It is sad what we miss because we don’t stop to look.”

Amazing?  Appalling?  We must learn to see and appreciate the life that surrounds us in our daily rounds instead of rushing from place to place with nothing but ‘must do’s’ in our head.  When was the last time you actually looked at the people you passed by while running through your day?  When was the last time you actually smiled at a complete stranger?

Try it.  Instead of keeping your head down and trudging along, stand tall with your head up and look.  Really see what’s around you.  Meet someone’s eyes.  Smile.  With your whole face.  See what happens.  Feel the change in your day.

Life At Our House

*****  -TMI-  ALERT *****

Aunt Flo came early this month.  With a vengeance.  Up every 3 hours all night.  Two pairs of pj’s.  Heading to the bathroom every 1 1/2 to 2 hours all day for 2 days so far.  I should be exsanguinated by now.  So I’ve got a nice case of the shakes and ‘tireds’.  Blerg.

***** YOU’RE SAFE *****

Due to events beyond my control (TMI Alert) plus the resulting sleep deprivation, I have been moving at the speed of a cold snail.  No monthly boxes inventoried, no plant stands up and running.  Sigh.  We did, however, finish all the beginning of the month shopping and the shopping necessary to send Saver back to school.

Tomorrow will be wrap up, car prep, my critters fed to hold them till I return, Potato Soup making to take with us since the cafeteria doesn’t open till Tues. (with as much as we pay for this school, you would think the damn cafeteria would open when the dorms do), and, of course, the final laundry round.  We may even go to a new store Spider Bait found in another town that he has been dying to show us.

We’ll leave Sunday morning, work at returning her room to something resembling normal (it looks like a tornado hit, I kid you not), and I’ll come home on Monday.


Saver decided to try some dye on her hair for one of her LARPing characters.

In real life it is much greener than this.

In real life it is much greener than this.

Hi, Saver!

Hi, Saver!

Fur Babies and Other Friends

If I but look out my kitchen window, there is plenty to see.





And in front of the window as well.

Espe and Annie

Espe and Annie

 Some people just snooze on the couch.



Out in the Yard

More pretty!


And it is 1:30 am at this point.  I’m using a certain excuse to get away with being up so late.  But I really should go, so…

Mug of the Day



2 responses to “Life Is Just So DAILY (–Dick Sattler)

  1. I must say my room does NOT look like a tornado hit. It looks like something exploded, there’s a difference. As for daily life, it won’t stop so we just have to embrace what we’ve got and remember to look around once in a while.

    • Whatever, it’s a mess. You can’t see the floor. I keep waiting for something to reach out and grab me. We have to figure out a better way to store the LARP stuff. Maybe Rubbermaid tubs that nest? Or something. And MAKE everyone put away what they get out! (Including you!) And, no, you don’t get to use the ‘pot, kettle, black’ thing!

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