The Renaissance Festival 2012

I wish I could say I was this awesome photographer that gets all the right shots.  However…

I get distracted.  Taking pictures in the middle of having fun is an after thought.  So there are few pictures of the acts we watched.  And I didn’t get all the good shops either.  Like the crystal shop, and the weaponry shop, and the glass blower guy and…  Well, you get the idea.  And then, of course, there was all the moaning and groaning from the boys about mom stopping to take pictures for the ‘damn blog’.  Sigh.

There is never enough time to get everything done or see all the acts we want to see.  But we always have a really good time.  So here is a taste of the day at Renfest.

Enter! Usually there are more of the court on top calling out to the crowds below.

You have no idea how much time was spent in this shop when my son was younger. I have a container of wooden swords, daggers, an axe…

A lot of people like to dress up for Renfest. They have shops where you can buy or rent costumes.

This is the ‘upper’ portion of the grounds

Also an ‘upper’ portion. Think two sides of a square. We usually eat way in the back on this side.

We were extremely disappointed to get ripped off on this miniscule teriyaki chicken sandwich which cost as much as my turkey leg.

Have to have my turkey leg!

And, of course, before we leave we have to treat ourselves to those seriously expensive, but wonderfully yummy, cinnamon almonds.

This is down in the little valley in the middle of the grounds. Lots n lots of shops and nice shady trees. Parade time!

King and Queen representatives. *snort*

When we got down into the valley, we discovered that they had cleared more land and expanded.  When they started clearing, they found some big, big trees.  So they brought someone in to take a look at them.  They are estimated to be between 270 –  300 year old oak trees.  Wow!

Oooold tree.

This poor old tree is damaged. Say ‘hi!’ to Saver (5’2″)

We had to get in line to get this picture and Spider Bait moaned, groaned, and bitched through the whole thing. Mooooommmmm!!!!!

Entertainment! This kid was amazing. He is only 18 years old!

Saver got pulled into this act. An escape artist with seriously politically incorrect patter. We laughed our butts off. (Heeey, babyyyy!)

And, of course, we had to shop!

My son has gone from pointed wooden things…

to pointy metal things! Sword cane! Actually, I say dagger cane.  It now sits with his sword and knives.  We’re going to be able to start our own armory soon!

Mom got into the act this year. I have no idea why this knife appealed to me. I have a nice sturdy buck knife that has served me well, but this design caught my eye. And it was small and cheap!

A feather motif and Indian with feather headdress.

Now to get my stone out and sharpen it!

And no trip the Renfest is complete without a stop at the crystal shop. This year I felt the need for a fist size chunk of Sodalite.

Another view. The picture doesn’t show it well, but there are shiny grey metallic stripes. Could be pyrite or aluminum. I’ll write about its properties in my next post. Such a beautiful stone.

Saver, you should pile your goodies together and stick a picture of them in here.  She got some really pretty necklaces!

And that was our day at Renfest!  I can’t wait for next year to come around!

4 responses to “The Renaissance Festival 2012

  1. Mmmm, hey there baby. I’ll get you pictures of my stuff a little later. Renfest was so much fun. And I had fun with my LARP this weekend. No pictures from this one though. They sadly do not take them. Other than that, I’m just back to work here. Hope things there aren’t going too badly. Tell everyone I say hi and love them.

    • Heeey baby, so glad you had fun this weekend. And I’m sooo glad you remembered to call me before 3 am this time! How did the bread go over? I’m still in a bit of a funk. I think I need to post about Jake and then draw a line under it and move on. He is recovering well from the surgery and is hogging the sofa again and bugging us for goodies. Silly pup.
      Hugs n love right back at you.

  2. I must go to this place !!!!!!!!!
    Take me with you next year!
    (who has NEVER seen such a thing)

    • Type Renaissance Festival or Faire Oregon in Google and start perusing. It looks like there are plenty to choose from. I only did a quick perusal and, of course, I don’t where all the cities are in Oregon, but I saw some October dates on some of them. Depending on where they are, you might be able to go treat yourself to some awesome fun!

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