Can I Have ‘Normal’ Now?

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So we had more power issues (I will not complain about the storms, we sooo need rain), ongoing internet issues (first no internet, then off and on, then could read for a little while, then could read but play no videos…)  (I should also mention the internet tower is on top of the hospital, lightning – bad), Boy Scout camp again, bring Saver of Bugs home and run her to appointments, then the nieces and nephews came for their summer visit, and then I had to take Saver back to school (*sniffle*).  I’ve been busy on top of internet-less.  (Snivel and whine.  I missed the last 2 days of the Tour de France and had to wait for internet to watch them on replay.)

So, can I have ‘normal’ now?

“Let’s just acknowledge that as far as real life is concerned, we are only one step away from dealing with dysfunction.”  – Sarah Ban Breathnach

Life at our House

So Spider Bait went to scout camp and was ‘tapped out’ for the ‘Order of the Arrow’.  He still has not decided whether or not to accept.  It is a lot of extra work to be done.

The nieces and nephews came for their summer visit.  I always love them being here but it gets hectic with four additional kids age 7 to 15.  Picking movies that everyone can enjoy is getting to the point where we may have to have separate movie nights.  ‘Harry and the Henderson’s’ saved the day this trip.  We did our usual trip to the Big City for the amusement park day and added ‘new’ by taking them to the state park to swim in the lake and also motor around the lake on ‘hydrobikes’.  I still can’t get used to seeing people riding ‘bikes’ around the lake.  If you’ve never seen one, check out this link:  And my daughter decided to add to the fun by tipping her kayak which necessitated a tow to shore to dump the water out of the kayak so she could resume paddling.  I discovered I still know how to row a boat even if my neck was unimpressed and I’m slower than dirt.  We all had a good time and I was sad to see them leave.


I have no pics to share of this visit because the only family members that know about this blog are my husband and kids.  No one wants to deal with the crap that would rain down because, not only am I blogging, I’m letting strangers read it as well.  Heaven forbid!


The sad end to this was taking Saver back to college (I miss you!)  We tried to get some pictures to show the mountains, but the camera was uncooperative and it quit altogether on the way home.   I’ve only got one sorta mountain pic to share:

And Saver decided to take a picture of me driving (brat):

I managed to schlep a couple of pics in the greenhouse when I got to the school and Saver of Bugs went to water.

The day ended poorly for me.  Not only did I have to leave my daughter behind, but there was double the construction on the way home with 2 long waits in the broiling 90 degree sun on asphalt and no air conditioning (The car is old and I wasn’t sure how long the waits would be and I didn’t want to overheat the engine).  After the second  long wait, the road just opened up and off we went.  No signs of recent construction.  No signs of an accident.  About 20 miles down the road was my favorite rest stop.  While there, I found out I wasn’t the only one wondering WTF? over that last stoppage.  No one knew what it had been about.  I got home late and cooked through.  Then I had to clean lizard poop off just about everything in the tank, as my lizard had decided to run through it and paint the glass with it.  Then my cat scared my lizard while I was feeding him and he turned around and tried to bite me! (Why, yes, I’m whining.  Why do you ask?)  I was glad to see the end of the day.

Saver, on the other hand, was eating pizza and playing Dungeons and Dragons with her friends.  *sigh*


Today I got up later than expected and it threw me off a bit.  While I was eating breakfast for lunch, I suddenly remembered I wanted to go to the state park and learn about Geocaching!  Fortunately it was a come between two times kinda thing, so I made it with about 25 minutes to spare.  I now know the very basics of using a hand-held GPS device and how to find a Geocache!  I also now know that when the arrow thingy stops moving (lack of signal), so should you!  I managed to find all 4 geocaches (beginner, not really hidden).  The GPS said I covered 1.1 miles which was about a 3 % error rate for what I was doing.  Apparently that’s a good percentage.  It means I was searching intelligently.  They said once you hit 10% you’re basically just searching randomly.  Yay!  (Check out )

Out In The Yard

Our header today is Geraniums.  The woman who does my hair brought these to me from her garden.

One day about twoish weeks ago I had a ‘yellow’ day.

American Goldfinch

Imperial Moth

And then just before the nieces and nephews left, we found this on the tree.  Did you know they only live 7 days?

Luna Moth at rest.

To some people the Luna Moth is a symbol of spiritual transformation.  For me it is always a wonder to actually get to see one.  And I’ll appreciate them even more now that I know how short their life is.

Good night!

5 responses to “Can I Have ‘Normal’ Now?

  1. What a great (and very complete) round-up! I had no idea about so many things in this post. Those water bikes are confusing. I love them and hate them all at the same time. Must go back and watch the video again…..

    Waving at Saver of Bugs, sad for Mom.

    I thought the Luna(r) Moth was fiction!

    • I’m in the ‘don’t like much’ catagory for the bikes. It just seems wrong somehow. However, the kids had a blast and they are definitely much faster than a row boat. The rental guy, who lives in a tiny teardrop trailer that has a TV in it right there by the boats, says they are great if you want to swim way out in the lake. They are so stable you can climb up on them out of the water without tipping them over.

      Nope, Luna Moths are real. Just really hard to find. Their 7 day life cycle explains why, with all the host trees in my yard, I generally see only 1 per year. 😦

  2. Hi Julie! *waves back*
    I’m glad the geocaching went well. It sounds like it could be fun. I also had no idea about how short a life cycle the luna moths had. Oh and you did forget to mention one fun thing. The fact that we got to see baby bluebirds before we left to bring me back. So cute!

    My fun news from the past few days is that I have discovered that I have 17 rats to test in this one group. Normally it’s 12. So this will be interesting time-wise. Other than that haven’t done too much yet.

    • Yeah, I thought about the birds later. I think I forgot because the pictures didn’t turn out. I talked to the Ranger about them. He said feeders are a last resort. I told him about the real skinny mommy and two big fat babies and he laughed, “Yep, desperate!” I also asked him about the squirrel killing the bird. He said that they will kill birds in territorial disputes and over food. He has never seen them eat them. They usually carry them away and then tear them apart. Eeeeew.

      As for the testing, are you going to have to break it down into 2 test groups/times per day?

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