Half A Post, Wonky Internet, Very Late Night (Silly Me), Cute Critters

Random Thoughts

I have been wanting to get something up for several days but the weather has not been cooperating.  High winds, torrential rains, Tornado Warnings!  Our internet does not react well to inclement weather.  It blinks off and on or gets slower than mud, or just goes out all together.  I’ve had enough internet to keep up with my bike races and other people’s blogs, thankfully.  (Hey, some people read the newspaper with breakfast.  I like the internet.)    But I wasn’t willing to fight trying to put up a blog.  This morning I said, “I’m going to get a blog up early today.”  Uh huh, right.  It’s currently 10:40 pm.  Sigh.  And not only is it late, I’m also tired.   I was a bad, bad, girl last night.  Look what I bought really cheap with my birthday money; they came in the mail yesterday:

Guess what I did last night into the wee hours of the morning?  (One down, one to go.)

I’m also apparently trying to get a urinary tract infection.  This is Bad.  I tend to morph very quickly into bladder infections but I have to wait till Monday to get ahold of the doctor.  So I started the Echinacea and went to the store to get the dreaded Cranberry Juice.  I hate this stuff.  I love dried cranberries in muffins and such, but juice?  Poison in a bottle.  I hold my breath and chug it and then need something to take the taste out.  In this case, I said the heck with the cost and bought Krispy Kreme donuts in a box.   Yeah, not the same as fresh, but the nearest Krispy Kreme closed a couple of years ago.  So I nuke them and pretend.  I’m on donut number two.  The juice left a really bad taste.  🙂

Life At Our House

Spider Bait is on his last Band Trip.  I feel kinda sad for him.  There will be a lot of ‘lasts’ this next year.  Hopefully, he will be excited about moving forward to college.

Fur Babies and Other Friends

I usually feed meal worms to my lizards.  I raise my own.  Occasionally I go buy crickets because I don’t raise them anymore.  Here they are drinking and stuffing themselves with good food.

I wanted to show you my lizard hunting his food, but I haven’t handled him in a couple of days, so he is skittish again and wouldn’t eat with me standing there.  So I left him alone in his feeding tub and later I got this picture of him basking with a full tummy.


The baby squirrels are out and about  now.  Here are three babies, sans mother, trying to ‘share’ the feeder.

There are still 3 in there

Out In The Yard 

Our header today is Yarrow.  Catching the bee in the picture was a bonus.


Here is another of my birthday plant purchases.  Look up in the left hand corner about an inch in.  Can you see what looks like a wee grasshopper leg?  (Okay, you’ll have to click on the picture to make it bigger.)

 Here is a close up of our little friend.  He is about as long as a penny is wide.


Isn’t he just adorable?  I love Preying Mantis’s.  We get lots of them around here and I love to watch them moving through the plants.


Please feel free to substitute your belief systems here.

Tomorrow I’m doing this early, right!? 

2 responses to “Half A Post, Wonky Internet, Very Late Night (Silly Me), Cute Critters

  1. Right! And no tornadoes for you!

    (I zoomed quickly past the rodents, so…… no harm, no worries. Did love the wee praying mantas though.) Gorgeous pic for the header.

    (Hope your UTI clears up fast and stays gone. Also, you could eat garlic toast to get that taste out of your mouth. Bonus, the garlic is antibacterial and antimicrobial.)

    • Totally forgot about the garlic. I was just pissed cause it was ‘one more thing’ and cranberry juice (shudder) does help me. It’s just soooo ghastly. My family laughs and snickers at me when I’m gearing up to chug it down. Sigh.

      (You gotta admit though, Krispy Kreme does taste really yummy. Even if it is just like ‘eating sugar out of a bag’ bad for you.)

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