Daughter Moved, Misery and a Revelation

Random Thoughts

Disclaimer:  This is all about me.  My daughter (that’s you Saver of Bugs) did not cause my mental issues over the move.

A visit to my daughter turned into a forced march in order to allow her to continue with her weekend plans.  See my previous post and comments.  I’ll say it again – the school handled this whole switching of rooms extremely poorly.  There were plenty of cranky students and their parents over their screwed Memorial Day weekend.

My daughter moved from the basement to the third floor, thankfully of the same building.  (One poor girl moved from the fourth floor of one building to the third floor of our building.)  That’s six flights of stairs one way.  Over roughly the past 15 years I have had many health problems.  I am not in great shape physically.  The thought of multiple trips up six flights of stairs worried me, particularly how my back would handle things.

I wrote this up several times and couldn’t come up with anything that didn’t sound like a hundred page whine.  So I’m going to try to ‘list’ things, sort of.

The move was awful.  For awhile I was worried about falling over dead on the stairs.  I finally got over that mental shitload.  I was in the worst shape of my life and I hurt.  I know how to hurt.  As a runner, as a horse trainer, pain has always been something to handle.  I can do that.  So then I had to deal with humiliation.  I had to stop on each landing to rest (my legs just simply wouldn’t hold me), I could only carry small pitiful armloads, and after 2 or 3 trips up I had to sit for 15 – 30 minutes and rest.  I didn’t handle that part so well.

The next day every little piece of me hurt.  Even the muscles in my hands hurt – always nice for a long drive home.  When I stopped at my favorite rest stop, I stepped out of the car on my left leg, which promptly gave out and pitched me over into the door.  I had something to say about that that made the people next to me pull their heads out of their van and give me disapproving looks.  As I drove on, I fumed.  I hated being like this!  Then into my head popped the picture of a man I had seen the day before when I had taken one of Saver of Bugs’ friends to the store.  He had been in a motorized chair and carrying an oxygen tank.  Ouch.  I had just managed to spend a day climbing six flights of stairs over 24 times (I quit counting at 24).  And I lived.  And I was driving myself a few hundred miles home, alone.  At that point I felt really stupid.

Do I hurt?  Ooo, baby.  But I am very, very, very, grateful that I can take care of myself and get around on my own.  And hopefully, the next time I get set to feel sorry for myself, I’ll remember the 24 trips up 6 flights of stairs and the man in the chair and just shut the hell up.


“Guard me against the arrogance of privilege, against the indulgence of feeling that I don’t have enough, and the poverty of spirit that refuses to acknowledge what is daily given me.”  –Gunilla Norris

Life At Our House

As soon as I walked through the door Friday, Spider Bait was all over me.  “We HAVE to go see ‘The Avengers’ this weekend.  Again and again.  He had seen it with his friends while I was gone.  “Mom, you’ll love it.”  And he was also on me to watch ‘Captain America’ so that I was all caught up.  Which was a little weird, ’cause I’m used to seeing David Zabriskie, a U.S. Time Trial Champion, race in his Captain America outfit.  So the face didn’t quite ‘fit’.  But the kid was relentless, so tomorrow we’re doing ‘The Avengers’.


Please ignore the stupid 2004 date on my photos.  I am trying to get the camera to stop burning dates into my pictures, and apparently I haven’t succeeded yet!


Fur Babies and Other Friends

This is the best I’ve come up with so far.  I need a stronger light and to clean the window.  Say ‘Hi’ to one of our nightly visitors:

That’s a flying squirrel hanging on our bird feeder.

Out in the Yard

Our header today is another look at my Serviceberry’s berries.  They’re ripening up and I’ve already eaten a few (many) while watering plants.  They are soooo yummy.  I really need to get it planted where it will get big.  Of course, then I’ll be fighting the birds for the berries.  Sigh.

I promised to show you pictures when my cactus started blooming.  Here you go:


I have pictures.  I do.  But I haven’t been looking up the information on them.  I need to get back to doing this, I know.  The whole point was to learn them and use them.  Try, try, again.

Mug of the Day

Tomorrow, oops, today now, is movie day!


4 responses to “Daughter Moved, Misery and a Revelation

  1. Cute flying squirrels. I miss having a feeder outside my window. Hope that you had a fun day!

  2. Oh no you did NOT put up a squirrel!!! Flying no less!!!
    Gah, thankgawd my eyes are blurry and tired and that’s a very bad picture. (You fiend!)

    Not joking now though, I’m so sorry about your pain, sincerely I absolutely am. And wow, what a breakthrough YOU had about appreciation! I just kept thinking about that saying …… until I saw a man with no feet. Jeez. I need to do more thanking too.

    Excellent cactus and berry pics. Well done with the phone for perspective. That really helps, doesn’t it?!

  3. Isn’t that an awful picture? LOL, but the damn things won’t hold still and I haven’t found a good way to light them. My girl misses her Rocky’s. We always listen at night when the windows are open for their ‘peeps’ and then we go look and say, “Hi!”. I actually got to see one flying one night when I was out late in the yard. It was wonderful. And you had better brace yourself! I’ve got a whole sequence of baby squirrel pictures for my next blog! 🙂

    It’s amazing how we can get so wrapped up inside our own brains. Actually, at times, it’s rather shaming.

    Oh, you and the damn phone thing! I get so much grief around here for using my phone for perspective. “What!? Don’t tell me you’re actually going to set that in the dirt!” or “Mom, a phone is a dumb thing to use for perspective.” Then I point out, again, that pretty much everyone knows how big that is and I’m more likely to have my phone handy than a one dollar bill! Sheesh. I blame you for this. 🙂

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