Ugh, My Daughter was Living in a Storage Closet

Originally I was supposed to just be bringing my daughter cooking stuff so she could save some of the research stipend they were paying her this summer.  The cafeteria is not open during the summer and cooking instead of buying out every meal would be a good thing.  Then she got told, “You’re moving to your other room Thursday-Sunday.”  Problem is she is leaving Friday for a LARP that has been on the books for 3 months.  They wouldn’t let her in early nor give her an extension even though she is working two jobs.  Guess who her moving buddy would be, bad back and all?  I was pissed.

So I packed to stay a couple of days.  And I always forget something.  Always.  Even when I make a list.  Guess what I forgot this time?   Aww, come on, guess!

Give up?  I actually forgot to pack underwear.  Yes, family, friends, and faithful lurkers, I forgot my underwear. (head to desk)  This is a new low, even for me.  I couldn’t even borrow a pair from my daughter as she had just put on her last clean pair.  I’ll let you decide whether I’m running around in dirty drawers or going commando hoping to get a load done during moving.

And speaking of moving… here’s what I found when I got here:

Turns out she is storing stuff and plants for people over the summer.  What a mess!  I have been told I have to tell you that nearly all the weaponry and tall boxes you see  will be going to the LARP on Friday.

This is where I got to sleep last night:

It took us all freaking day to get moved.  Saver of Bugs had research work and then tech crew.  Fortunately, they let her out early.  I could only do so much because of my back.  We worked until 12:30 am.  We were hauling from the basement to the 3rd floor.  NO elevators and six flights of stairs.  I quit counting on my 24th trip up the stairs.  I’ll be lucky to walk tomorrow.  And there is still shopping to do in the morning.  Ugh.  So here are the results minus her desk being finished and all her shit back on the walls.  (Oh, and a LARPer with a van did come and get quite a bit of the stuff.)

Thank heavens we are done!  It’s time for shower and bed.  Hopefully, I’ll be in bed by 2 or 2:15 am.  🙂


3 responses to “Ugh, My Daughter was Living in a Storage Closet

  1. Thank you mom so much for helping me move. I would not have gotten to sleep at all tonight if I hadn’t had help. And good luck with that goal.

  2. Ummm, yeah. Done my time, times three. And now, it seems we’re back at it. They are our joy and our lives. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉

    Also? THAT would not be what I forgot to pack. I don’t wear knickers. (With some minor exceptions. My answer for your query is: commando.)

    Good job, good mom. Way to be appreciative, Saver of Bugs.
    Julie (who is a mom AND a daughter)

    • Somebody dropped the ball at that school. I forgot to mention (so tireeed), that they gave keys out to occupied rooms. Like my daughter’s. I was not happy. And neither were all these kids who were told they ‘had’ to move and couldn’t because there was still someone in the room -they- were supposed to move into. What a freaking mess.

      LOL! I go commando in the summer when it gets hot. But not usually in jeans ’cause I like to wear them more than once before washing. I just couldn’t believe I would forget something so basic. BUT, it got damned hot up there on Thurs. and I broke out the shorts. Commando it was!

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