New Critter and New Plants

Random Thoughts

For those of you who read my post ‘Sorrow’,  ‘M’s’ parents were laid to rest today.  Saver of Bugs posted a beautiful poem in the comments.  You should take a moment to go over there and read it.  It made me cry it’s so beautiful.


EEEWW!!!  Talk about a mood changer.   I’m junk fooding tonight and I just scooped up a spoonful of Chex Mix to eat.  When I put it in my mouth something wiggled and as I opened my mouth to spit it out a moth flew out of my mouth.  And it wasn’t a small one.  Gah, gick, blerg, bleahhhhh…..

Fur Babies and Other Friends

Okay.  For those of you who don’t know, I don’t tell a short story.  You’ve been warned.

I lost my Leopard Gecko ‘Jubel’ a few months ago.  It wasn’t an easy death and I was quite upset.  I love my critters and hate seeing them suffer.  He is buried under one of my Butterfly Bushes in the garden.  I never realized how often I looked at him till he was gone.  Everytime I went in the bedroom I automatically looked over to see what he was doing and no one was there.  And not having the light on for the cage was distracting as well.  But eventually it quit hurting so much and I started thinking about another lizard since I missed having one.

I started thinking about what I wanted in the next lizard.  Ease of care, NOT a lizard prone to intestinal blockages, sturdy,  calm (for a lizard) attitude, a daytime lizard,  not too big, and not hugely expensive.  This kept bringing me back to Bearded Dragons, or Beardies, as they’re called.  But the baby Beardies need fed a couple of times a day and they still cost money and I couldn’t justify using house money to buy another pet and I wasn’t sure I wanted to do infant upkeep.  But then I scored serious cash for my birthday.  Hmmmm.

I didn’t go out looking for a lizard.  I still wasn’t sure I wanted to go back into ‘feeding another critter’ mode.  But I was out looking for another goldfish.  Pip died last fall and Merry was doing okay by herself.  But here recently she has taken to just hanging in the corner and looking sad.  This was how I wound up with Pip and Merry.  My son’s goldfish, Steven, lost his buddy and wound up morose and doing nothing.  Steven has since passed leaving Pip and Merry.  But Pip was never a strong healthy fish.  She constantly had intestinal issues and she lived years longer than I expected.  And then one morning I got up and she had died with no warning whatsoever.  I was stunned.  She had looked perfectly fine when I turned the light out before bed.  Go figure.

Anyway, I hit the first pet store and came up zip on goldfish (I’m picky).  But I can’t go into a pet store without checking out all the critters.  I shop pet stores the way some women shop for shoes.  So, of course, that meant looking at the lizards.  I found a Beardie that was already about 8 inches long, solid, healthy, and even had some orange on him.  He would come right to the glass and check me out whenever I stopped by.  They wanted $63 for him.  But did I want to bring a lizard home right now?  I kept looking at him, but finally left, deciding that I’d see how I felt when I had done all the running around I had planned.

My last stop was yet another pet store where I shop on a regular basis.  I’ve always had good luck with whatever I buy there, critter wise.  And my first stop was the reptile enclosures.  There was a small, young Beardie that came running right up to me and checked me out; well-formed, well fed, and all the poop in the cage looked good.  Sigh.  I walked away, checked out the rest of the critters, and then got the stuff on my list.  But, yeah, I went back to check the lizards again. And again, the same little guy came right up to the glass.  I glanced at the price tag and my mouth popped open.  He was on sale for $42.00!  I haven’t ever seen Beardies priced that low.  Ugh.  Grooooan.  Oooh, hell.  I had them come over and open up the enclosure and he was sweet and adorable and stayed put to be picked up while all the other ones ran away and I bought him.  He (or she) doesn’t have a name yet, but here he is:  (Oh, and check out the rock in his enclosure.  We don’t remember exactly where I got it, but we figure I’ve had it about 25 years now.)

Out in the Yard

Our header today is a combination of my baby Serviceberry with bunches of yummy berries on it and a geranium from a friend.  Check out the visitor, too.

I also treated myself to some plants with my birthday money.

Those butt ugly glued on straw flowers that you pay extra for got taken right off.  The flowers fall apart the first time they get wet and depending how the glue is applied, it may kill or damage part of the cactus.  I only paid extra for those two cacti because they are already blooming for real.  Once they open up, I’ll post pictures.

Extra Critter Pictures for Saver of Bugs

Saver of Bugs asked for more critter pictures since she is missing her fuzzies.

I’m fuzzy because mom has the shakes.

This nice warm laundry pile is Mine!


Loves me a warm rolling doggy out in the sun!


2 responses to “New Critter and New Plants

  1. Saver of Bugs

    That lizard is cute. Do you have any name ideas yet? And it looks like the cats kind of accept it. Am I wrong?
    Thank you for the extra fuzzy pictures. I do really miss them.
    And my update for today is that I started playing with rats. One of them managed to scratch my arm up, but otherwise it was awesome. I will hopefully have a better schedule this week. Hopefully. Oh well research is fun anyway!

  2. I keep calling him “Squirt”. Spider Bait objects, “Mom, he’s gonna get big. You can’t call him ‘Squirt’ forever.” (Why not?) He/she has amber eyes and I thought, “Hmm, Amber.” But that didn’t work so well for the turtle and this guy is still just a tad too small to sex. That’s basically all the farther I’ve gotten with names. And, yeah, the cats were like, “Oh, another thing on your dresser. Yaaawn.”

    Did I tell you I found a fish for Merry? It is the teeniest little Moor. It’s maybe the length of a quarter and with its fins up maybe as high as a penny. It’s shape is really good and it was holding its own in the tank with all the “bigger” fish. He’s in quarantine for now. I couldn’t believe how small when I put him in there. 🙂

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