Randomness and Cake-With-All-The-Sh#t-In-It

Just a lot of odds n ends today.  Starting with the fact that I woke up feeling like someone put a knife through my back and shoulder.  I have had this before.  It sucks.  If it gets bad, it will travel down my right arm causing so much pain I won’t be able to use my right hand well.  And I am right-handed.  And I am not happy.  I’ve been sucking Motrin and muscle relaxants, stretching, and trying not to do too much to aggravate the shoulder and neck.  I hope the worst will be over by the time I wake up tomorrow.  And if typing this post causes problems, it will be a real short post.


So last Thursday evening I found out my neighbor, an elderly lady, had decided she didn’t want any of her side gardens any more and had already ripped out the plants from one side of her house and thrown them down the hill into the woods. (sob)  Someone had already taken a weed whacker to a bunch of the plants by the fence between our driveways and finding out that they were the next to go I asked if I could dig some out and keep them.   So Friday night after dinner, while I still had light, I moved some worse for wear Iris’s from her garden to mine.  A couple of the plants had flowers and thus escaped the weed whacker but moving them caused the flowers to pitch over so I cut them and put them in a vase.  Here’s what I will have in a year or two depending on how much damage was done:

I also have Siberian Iris’s blooming in my garden so I tucked a couple of the last ones blooming into the vase with these guys.  I love the scent.  And one of my Siberian Iris’s is our header today.


My husband made scones for Mother’s Day.  Tea + scone = Breakfast!


I went to the Farmer’s Market for stuff and decided to treat myself to a plant.  Since my plant isn’t blooming yet, I’m copying a photo off Google for you to look at.




180 × 183 – Ice plant ‘Mezoo Trailing Red’, Dorotheanthus littlewoodii ‘Mezoo Trailing


This will probably be the last week I get to wear my favorite slippers.  They’re Dearfoams.  It is supposed to get warm this weekend and stay that way for a while.  So I’m giving you a picture of my wonderful, 60% off, bought a red pair and a grey pair, after Christmas specials that I adore like no others.  It’s like having sweaters for my feet.  Oh, and they used to have pompoms on the front.  Really cute.  But between the cats and the washer, they didn’t last long.  They are now cat toys.  But the slippers themselves are awesome.


When I was little we always had a cake that was our Birthday Cake.  For years, for me, it was Special Yellow Jello Cake.  Then in my late teens or early 20’s my mother got a recipe with no name.  We just call it The-Cake-With-All-The-Shit-In-It.  It was an instant success.  It later became the Easter cake as well.  This weekend was my birthday and Mother’s Day and I required this cake.  My mother brought it over Sunday night.  Now, it is slightly smooshed.  For the first time in history the cake fell out of the pan on its head.  Trust me, this did not affect the taste in the least.  So when you look at the picture, imagine it standing tall like any normal Angel Food cake. 🙂  The recipe follows.

  • 1 / Box Angel Food cake mix.  Or if you must, one already made from the store.
  • 1 / 20 oz. can crushed pineapple
  • 1 / 4.7 oz box -cook and serve- vanilla pudding mix
  • 1 / med. jar maraschino cherries
  • 1 / half-pint whipping cream
  1. In a saucepan, empty can of pineapple, juice and all.  Add -DRY- pudding mix straight from the box.  Cook on medium heat until thickened and translucent.  Refrigerate till chilled.
  2. Bake Angel Food cake according to instructions.  Cool.
  3. Drain cherries, quarter and set aside.  Save a few cherries to decorate top of cake.
  4. When cake and mixture are cool, whip whipping cream until peaks form.
  5. Mix whipping cream, pineapple mixture and cherries together.
  6. Cut cake into three layers.  Spread mixture on each layer as you reassemble the cake.  Top with cherries if desired.   Keep cake in refrigerator till ready to eat.  Enjoy!

Mug of the Day

Another one by Marjolein Bastin


Aunt update:  Surgery tomorrow.  Definitely a plate for the wrist.  Maybe a graft.  They won’t know until they get in there.

10 responses to “Randomness and Cake-With-All-The-Sh#t-In-It

  1. Saver of Bugs

    Wow, I hope Aunt’s surgery goes well.
    Hope your arm feels better soon too.
    Also now I want scones too, thanks mom.
    And my update from my day is that I am still working many hours and had an interesting time messing with lighting since the performers we were setting up for came in and moved everything we focused on. (For those who don’t know I work tech crew at a theater.) So we had to refocus a great many of the lights (ugh, performers).
    On the plus side, I have passed all of my classes (I was worried about one of them).
    Now for two random updates: 1) when you are staying over the summer at college you become a storage unit. I have just acquired a fridge for a month (which I actually was given permission to use if I needed to). 2) I put a new plant in my fish tank over the weekend I think and it has almost taken over the top of the tank already. Yay invasive plants! For any interested I think it is this: salvinia auriculata.
    Finally I apologize for the disjointed nature of this comment, but I am just too tired and brain fried to fix it or care enough to try. Hope all are having good days! Mom give my love to everyone at home. Vale.

    • You’re back! What’s this about you worrying about a class?! And you didn’t tell me?! 😦 And how passed is passed? Was it ORGO? Well?!

      Plants, whatsis names stuff, and now a fridge?! Do you have any floor space left? Where will I sleep when I come? (It’s after midnight, you should go to bed.)

      • Saver of Bugs

        There will be floor space, whatsis names stuff left today cause he was just staying for a few days. Though I might be storing a TV. Don’t worry though, you taught me how to pack a lot of stuff into small spaces so there will be floor space. Oh, you also get the bed anyway so what are you complaining about? And yes it was Orgo. I thought I told you I wasn’t doing very well. Passed with a C-. Yeah it wasn’t good. And I’m working on going to bed.

      • You said you were struggling, not nearly failing. Yeesh. And I was going to bring the cot this time. I don’t like swaying in the air up there on the bed.

        • Saver of Bugs

          Hey C- is a pass thank you very much. Also what’s wrong with the air? It’s nice and gives me more space. 😛

      • Oh, ha ha. You just want me to fall and hurt myself. Hmmmm, unless I fall on -you-…. Go to bed!

  2. Lol, you and yours Robin, are like me and mine. 😉

    Have printed the recipe. (Oh I’m makin’ this bad boy!)
    Glad you saved SOME plants, we also have irises blooming. And funny, they came from a neighbor as well!

    Hope your shoulder is better. Sending healing thoughts to Auntie.

    • I love iris’s and I thought Friday night was my last chance. Her son was supposed to come over and clear a bunch of stuff out for her on Sat. (zoo day for me). But I peeked around the fence and bushes today and it looks like there are still some daylilies and some other unidentifiable, weed whacked something in the ground. So I will, hopefully, find time to grab some of them before they disappear.

      My shoulder is much better, thank-you. Still haven’t heard about Auntie. This is either Bad or very good with all parties having come home tonight and passing out early. My mother is not what you would call a good source of info (she’ll probably remember she forgot to call at like 2 am) and I was loathe to call the house this evening in case they got all the kids settled early so they could have peace and quiet. Should hear something tomorrow.

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