Laundry, Taxes, and Homework, Oh, My!

Despite raining most of the night, the sun actually came out today.  And so did the wind!  The wind was so bad I had to pull the windows in cause it was blowing things off the shelves.  But it was warm and smelled good and people were out cutting their grass and adding that smell to the rest.  So I had to do my monthly bed strip despite also needing to find tax crap.  It was just so damn nice out.

Did you know that wet, queen size, extra long quilts weigh almost as much as I do?  Seriously.  They weigh a ton.  And I found out that when the wind is up, it’s combat to get the thing up over the line.   I stood on my tippy toes and heaved it up and over only to have the wind slap it back and mummify me.  Twice.  I finally wrestled one corner over and inch wormed the rest after it, slowly, cause I had to keep unwrapping myself.  I finally started pinning it in place when a really big gust shlepped between the halves and blew it straight up in the air slapping me backwards and popping the clothespins everywhere.  At first unkind words passed my lips, but then I had to smile and then laugh.  Here I was – doing battle with Wind!  So I settled down and started gauging the gusts, pitching and pinning with them as much as I could.  I found out the squeezy pins don’t work as well as the plain old-fashioned clothes pins when Wind is out in force.  And still I had to come out twice this afternoon to pick it up off the grass and re-pin it.  Getting slapped and even thumped over the head for my trouble.  I had much less trouble with all the rest of the bedding.  Everything down to the bedskirt went out.  It was worth the effort.  Everything is crisp and clean and smells wonderful.  My treat to me for tonight.  Which brings us to…

Taxes.  Hate’em.  College Financial Crap.  Hate it, too.  Once upon a time, I was an organized person.  I have the file cabinet  and many marked and labeled boxes in the basement to prove it.  But now I live in CHAOS (Fly Lady, anyone?).  I swore last year that this year everything would be put in one spot.  That everything would be marked and labeled and in its place.  All the passwords would be in with the appropriate papers.  I would be able to sit down and in one afternoon dispatch all necessary documents.  Uh, no.  Failed.  Again.

I am happy to say that at least this time I kept all last year’s mess in the same general vicinity (same box).  But there were multiple boxes to check and bags of crap in the box to go through before I could say, “Finally!”  And by that time it was dinner time.  Okay, I would eat and start taxes.  Uh, no.  Boy child claimed the computer for homework that he had told me yesterday that he had finished.   And, of course, he claims he said no such thing.  (Ahhh, the joys of parenting.)  Sooo, tomorrow I will do taxes!  Unfortunately, college crap will be late because daughter doesn’t have her taxes done either and she was gone all weekend.  (I swore I was going to raise these kids up to be different than me!)

But you know what?  It doesn’t matter.  I wrestled with Wind and I have fresh, clean, crisp, luuverly smelling bed-clothes to crawl into tonight.  That’s a Win!


3 responses to “Laundry, Taxes, and Homework, Oh, My!

  1. When Dan and my dad built our backyard deck I forced them to include a place where we could hang a clothes line. I love using it, when it’s not raining. So far, no wind battles though. 😉
    Glad you weren’t blown completely away!

    Taxes. Yeah. I start nagging around December so we can get everyone’s paper work over here (yes both in-town kids still call on their father’s “services” for this to get accomplished). The Son’s just went out on Saturday!

    • I didn’t even attempt laundry today. We were under a wind advisory and I was just holding my breath over whether or not a couple of our trees were going to go down.

      I just sat down after doing Federal taxes and talking to my daughter about hers. Tomorrow I WILL BE DONE! At least for another year. Sigh. (AND I AM GOING TO GET ALL THIS DAMN PAPERWORK IN ITS PROPER FOLDERS!!!!)

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