Quick Post (Sinus Migraines Suck)

Sinus migraines suck.  They aren’t quite as bad as a full-blown out-and-out migraine, but bad enough to trash your day.  Thank goodness I only get them a couple of times a year.  I’m at the point where I think I’ll live, so I’m here to toss out a couple of stories and then call it quits.  Tomorrow is another day.

I got up this morning, ate, took pills, read my ‘morning’ blogs (slowly) and took a bath.  No good.  Not even 4 Motrin could knock the pain level down.  Migraines make me weak and shaky.   When my son got home, I laid on the bed for ‘just a couple of minutes’.  My husband got me up after he had cooked dinner.  It was 6 pm.  I wobbled into the kitchen and my son gave me a hug and then said that maybe if he screamed as loud as he could into my ear my headache would go away.  I told him he could lose the family jewels that way.  Without missing a beat he smiled broadly and said, “But mom, I consider you the family jewel!”  Smart ass.  (I have nooo idea where he gets it from.)


 My dog was a rescue.  He is sooo food obsessed he was probably starved as a puppy.   It has made training a challenge.  Anyway, yesterday I started him on antibiotics.  Now normally I just train my dogs to stand while I open their mouths and put the pill down.  Then they get a treat.  My husband does not like to pill dogs and prefers the ‘hide it in the cheese’ approach.  Which usually doesn’t work for very long before the dog figures out the pill is in there.  But with Jake, my husband used the cheese approach the entire last time he was on antibiotics with no problem.  So when I started Jake yesterday, I went ahead and used the cheese approach.  I gave him the cheese and he decided to chew this time.  One chomp and he stopped and looked at me and went bleh, bleh, bleh, and spit everything out on the floor.  So when my husband came home I told him the days of cheese were over.  He asks, “Did you have the second piece of cheese in your other hand?”  What?  “You have to have another piece of cheese in your other hand where he  can see it.  He’s so obsessed with getting that second piece of cheese that he just gulps the first one.”  Huh.  So Spider Bait does the cheese thing at the next pilling and down it goes.  Okay.  So a little while ago I went to pill Jake and I got out the cheese.  Waving the second piece at him, I gave him the pilled cheese.  He grabbed it, looked at me, bit carefully (he of the gulp everything whole), and then spit everything out.  Figures.  Smart dogs are a pain in the ass.  So it looks like Dad and Son get to cheese pill the dog and MOM has to shove her hand into a slobbery dog mouth.  Sigh.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better and I’ll have pictures an’ everything.  Nite!


4 responses to “Quick Post (Sinus Migraines Suck)

  1. Hope you feel better soon! Also our dog is so annoying, but not stupid. Today I went and donated 11 inches of my hair to Locks of Love. Now I have short hair! I’ll get you before and after pics later. After that I went to work and set up for our choir’s practice. They are really good and I also got to watch/help out during the practice. Here’s one song that I really loved that they did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgxG5ccoIJI. Enjoy!

    • Yep. Want pics. Maybe Locks of Love should be your first post!

      Jake was trying to be all cute and charming last night with that big, squishy, stuffed, sort-of cat. He was prancing around, shaking it and growling, then prancing aroung again. And that toy is so big he can’t even see where he’s going. Silly pup.

  2. I know from sinus head aches as well. So I feel for you, big time. Often four days is an average. Sudafed has saved my life, more times than I can count. (Even if now I have to get it by prescription.)

    Those damn smart dogs!! 😉

    Uh, Saver of Bugs…. I’ll also need to be seein’ those pictures. You maybe don’t know this about me but I have improperly emotional attachments to long hair. So wait,
    perhaps I should NOT see those photos.

    • It’s such a bite in the butt that we have to get Sudfed from the pharmacy. Out here we don’t need a prescription. We have to give them our driver’s license and sign for it. We are also only allowed so many boxes of the stuff a month (lest we become meth makers). What really pisses me off is the stores are all using ‘their’ brand and not carrying the actual Sudafed. I don’t always do well with generic’s so it has been ‘fun’ for me trying to find one I can take. K-Mart brand won. Color me annoyed. (Shaky and weak today, but better, finally.)

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