Can you paint with all the colors of the Wind?

Random Thoughts

My son was playing Disney music this morning and Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas began to play.  Now I wasn’t hugely impressed with the film but this song never fails to bring me to tears.  I hate the way we humans treat the Earth.  Did you know there are rafts of garbage floating in the ocean?  Here’s one of them:

This also reminded me that at one time I was a regular woods tramp.  I tried to remember when the last time was that I enjoyed myself in the woods.  I couldn’t come up with anything more recent that when my son was young.  So we’re talking about 10 yrs.  That’s really sad.  So after I dropped Spider Bait off for an afternoon with his friends, I made a detour to a nearby State Park.  Things had changed since I was last there!  They’ve spiffed up the info center, evidently have more trails, and…. lol, they’re selling t-shirts!  Nice ones!  I chatted up the people at the center,  grabbed brochures, a map, and got the card of the educational dept. guy who handles classes.  It’s the same person from way back when!  I wanted to go pop in at the Wildflower Preserve but was short on time so since the rain had stopped, I grabbed a couple of quick photos from the hill in front of my car.


Trilliums and Bluebells

“…and we are all connected to each other / in a circle  / in a hoop / that never ends…”


This is where I’ll give you a brief tidbit about crystals.  Hopefully getting me back in touch with why I started collecting them and educating and entertaining you in the process.

Today’s crystal is Rose Quartz.  It can be found in South Africa, the United States, Brazil, Japan, India, and Madagascar.  Astrologically it is associated with Taurus and Libra.  This crystal has no bad qualities.  It is the ultimate in healing crystals as it can help with both physical and emotional problems.  Rose Quartz is important for both your heart and heart chakra.  It can also draw off negative energy, is soothing for those in crisis or in grief, helps in self-forgiveness, and aids in acceptance of necessary change.  Wear it, especially over your heart.  Rose Quartz is also a crystal of infinite peace and unconditional love.  If you wish to draw love into your life, keep some by your bed or in your relationship corner (Feng Shui).

Polished. A bit bigger than a quarter.

Rough. Fist sized.

The color is somewhat light.  I’m still working on lighting.

Life at Our House

 Today I made bread.  A rye sourdough with molasses in it.

Fur Babies and Other Friends

 Stolen from the stash.  All my pics were a bust.  Damn dizzy’s.

Out in the Yard

No yard work today!  Our header today is pink phlox.

And here’s my mug for tomorrow.


7 responses to “Can you paint with all the colors of the Wind?

  1. I’m glad you found time to go to the park. I went to a park on Monday and it was awesome! Other than that my life has been pretty quiet. Glad you’re finding useful pictures. Can’t wait to see more crystal stuff. Tell everyone there I say hello! And a verse from “Invictus”: “It matters not how strait the gate/ How charged with punishments the scroll/ I am the master of my fate/ I am the captain of my soul.”

  2. I loved that song too! And yes, we do NOT take good enough care of our (Earth) Mother. 😦

    On the upside you had some part time and we have infinite love in a crystal. Great one to start with!!! An idea, that I figured out the hard way, use something for perspective. A dime is what’s recommended for miniaturists, but I use my wee cellular device because it’s always close to hand and everyone knows how big a flip phone is.

    The bread sounds terrific.

    Saver of Bugs, excellent verse today.

    • PART time?! Really??!! How about parK time, huh?

    • Yeaaah, I was looking at the pictures once I got them up and realized I should put something else in there. Didn’t think of it at the time. And I had -no- desire to get up and take more pictures. My head has been killing me for several days now. 4 motrin aren’t kicking the pain. I really hate this sinus migraine crap. I really liked the phone idea till I got my phone out. Surprise! It’s black. So until I quit using the black paper to absorb light for the lighter crystals, money it is. (shrugs)

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