Paris-Roubaix Tomorrow

Random Thoughts

 Spartacus/Superman Fabian Cancellara broke his collar-bone in four places in a crash caused by a water bottle tossed into the midst of the Peloton (the bulk of the racers in a bike race) as they rode through a feed zone during The Tour of Flanders.   I am an unabashed bicycle road racing fan.  Tomorrow is Paris-Roubaix (The Hell of the North)  a 100+ year old Classics Race and my favorite rider for this event is down and out. 

 Cancellara is a four-time World Time Trial Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist.  The ‘race of truth’, as it is known, pits the rider, his physical capabilities, his mental resolve, and his capacity for pain against the clock.   Cancellara has been the standard by which others measure themselves.   Cancellara is also a tough, no holds barred Classics (old 1 day races)  rider earning him the title ‘Superman’ for not only his ability to power away from his competitors, but also his ability to just keep coming regardless of the conditions.  This year at E3 Prijs Vlaanderen – Harelbeke he was involved in 2 crashes and had 3 flat tires and yet he still finished with the first group of riders across the line.  Move him into the ‘Tours’ (the 1 to 3 week-long races) and Spartacus becomes not only a winning time trialist, but also a super domestique  (workhorse) for the team.  Using his time trialing abilities and his capacity for pain, Cancellara can put the hammer down on the front of the peloton and reduce a group of 150 riders to a long thin line or tear it to shreds, leaving groups scattered behind.  For you non-bike enthusiasts, this leaves only the toughest at the front before the climbs begin.  One of whom should be Cancellara’s team’s (this year RadioShack-Nissan) GC contender ready to rumble in the mountains.  (The GC-general classification winner is the rider with the shortest time over the course of the race.)  He will do this over and over again as needed or until he completely buries himself.  All the GC contender has to do is hang on for the ride.  His abilities are so respected, that if you’re lucky enough to be watching the races live and get a helicopter shot, you can see the riders shoving for position behind him as he moves to the front of the pack.  No one wants to be caught out when Spartacus  puts the hammer down.  Can you tell I am a fan?

 I’m disappointed my favorite won’t be there tomorrow.  Yes, there are other riders to root for, Ballan, Hushovd (God of Thunder), Boonen, Chavanel, Flecha, Eisel, Hincapie (who, unfortunately, will most likely be Hushovd’s lieutenant), and Rast (who is taking Cancellara’s place and came in 4th last year).  So the race will not be boring.  But, still, there will be a bit of fire missing tomorrow.

Paris-Roubaix is known as the ‘Hell of North’ for a reason.  A tough race with multiple sections of ‘pave’ (paw vay) it reeks havoc on the racers and their bikes.  The trophy is an actual brick/pave.  If you would like a taste of Paris-Roubaix, you can check this link out for photos from Cancellara’s 2010 win

And if you also want  to see the carnage the ‘Hell of the North’ can inflict, check this out  Click on ‘thumbnail gallery’ to the right under the small pictures.

Life at Our House

There was no post yesterday cause it was monthly shopping day.  A bit from this store, a piece from that store, you get the picture.  By the time I was done, put away, and sitting down, it was 11 pm and I’m trying to get to bed at a decent hour.  Today was a finish up of about 2 and half hours.  Done.  I was going to post after dinner.  HA!  It is currently 1:06 am (which I said I wasn’t going to do, right?).  But I claim emotional trauma that I blame on my cat.  See below.

Fur Babies and Other Friends

My cat, Raven, scared the hell out of me tonight.  We were getting ready to eat dinner and I was in the bathroom getting my ‘drugs’ for the evening.  As I was doing this, the teapot yelled and I nipped into the kitchen and poured the water into my cup and went back to the bathroom just in time to see Raven slurping up a Motrin pill.  Quick as a flash I had him by the mouth, stuck my finger in and got the pill.  I checked my pile, all Motrin accounted for.  But I couldn’t for the life of me remember whether or not I had taken out my muscle relaxant.  It was an awfully big pill.  Could he have eaten it already?  He needed to throw up.  NOW.  In my younger days it was ipecac.  Now it’s hydrogen peroxide.  Spider Bait checked to make sure it was 3% not 5% and I dug around for a dropper.  Cats do not like having things poured down their throat.  Especially things that taste awful and fizz and foam.  After a couple of treatments, even wrapping him in a towel wasn’t working.  (I have a nice hole, now, in my sweatpants.)  And neither was the hydrogen peroxide.  Apparently I have a cat that doesn’t react ‘normally’ to hydrogen peroxide so no vomiting occurred.  I put salt down the back of his throat (that was fun).  Nothing.  At this point I realized with the time elapsed, had he eaten that pill, he would have been showing signs.  The muscle relaxant works fast.  Nothing.  Which was good.  But what about the hydrogen peroxide?  I hadn’t heard of it not working.  The stuff is nasty.  I checked the internet.  Nothing.  They said it wasn’t toxic cause it didn’t stay down.  GAH!  So off to call the vet’s.  They were surprised.  But fortunately, it still isn’t toxic to cats if it does stay down.  Whew.  We might have diarrhea later, but he’ll be fine.  Totally blew our evening, emotionally.  I don’t know how many times he got checked on between the 3 of us here.  He still hasn’t come to me since the fun.  But at least he’s not growling at me anymore!

Here’s a pic from Saver of Bugs stash:

 Out in the Yard

Our header today is a Japanese Painted Fern.

I also scored some 99 cent violas and pansies today.  Pics to come.

And here is my mug for the day:


4 responses to “Paris-Roubaix Tomorrow

  1. You shop once a month? Doesn’t your lettuce get wilty and sad? (You have a spinner too right?) Celery! That is the hardest thing to keep fresh.

    Very cool info on the bike races. I NOTHING about this, so learning it is fun.

    Sorry about your non-dog. We had to force feed a nearly six foot long boa constrictor many years ago. Also not a picnic. Took all five of us.

    • “I know NOTHING about this…”

    • No perishables except butter, cheese, and any meat on sale. We freeze the butter and meat. The cheese seems to keep just fine in the fridge. We get all our critter foods, litter, toilet paper, occassionally paper towels (I just can’t get to the point of cleaning up critter puke and/or excrement with rags), canned goods, laundry soap, our soap, toothpaste, etc. Perishables get bought on an as needed basis. I can’t even wrap my brain around month old lettuce. Yuk. If we don’t use ours, it tends to turn black and rot. WooHoo! I got started doing this when we were first married and had noooo money. I wanted to make sure my critters got fed (not us, lol, the critters) and we didn’t run out of toilet paper! I was fine if we got stuck eating peanut butter sandwiches till payday. Of course, between my childhood and then later, my early married years, I can’t stand peanut butter sandwiches anymore!

  2. Wow, that sucks that Cancellara is out. And I’m sooooooo glad that Raven is okay. Wonder why he didn’t react to the hydrogen peroxide. I haven’t done much exciting today except clean Marcus’s (my betta) tank. Finally got the mental health break day. Also good luck with getting to bed on time tonight! I know you can do it!

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