Congrats to Saver of Bugs!

I am beyond pissed at the moment.  This will be my second attempt at this post, because when I attempted to copy/paste something, it gave me 4 copies.  So I went to delete what I didn’t want, and was VERY CAREFUL  to only highlight what I wanted to delete, and WordPress ate the whole bottom half of my post.  When I did a control Z to try and bring it back, it ate the rest of my post.  To say I am seething would be an understatement.  I think tomorrow I’m going to write this in Word and then see if I can copy/paste the whole thing in from there.  ARGH!

Life At Our House

Woot!  Our daughter, Saver of Bugs, was elected President of her LARPing group. While she needs something else to work on like she needs another hole in her head, I am happy for her because LARPing makes her happy.

CONGRATULATIONS, Dearest Daughter!

Today while I was visiting Julie ( there was cake commentary.  I recognized the cake, but couldn’t remember the name and I, of course, then wanted cake.  So after digging through my recipes (I really do need to get them all in one place), I found it!  Special Yellow Jello Cake! Yummmm!

And because I can, here is a picture of one of my favorite mugs:

Fur Babies and Other Friends

Hi, Crabbies!

Out in the Yard 

I found out the different headers I put up everyday don’t stay with the post.  If you go back to read something, I’ll be talking about a plant no one can see.  So I’m going to post the full picture down here as well, so it will carry forward with the post.  And soon I’ll be going back to edit the other posts, cause that’s just the way I am.  Today, no yard work.  Rain!  And our header is grape hyacinths.

Random Thoughts 

I was originally going to type up something up about a bike rider I follow who got hurt.  I am an unabashed fan of bicycle road racing.  But it was already late when I got here and then my post got eaten.  I have been trying to get to bed by 12, (which is what it is now, woo hoo).  So maybe tomorrow.  I’m going to leave you with a link to a song my son played for me.  It’s awesome.  I hope you have time to listen.

3 responses to “Congrats to Saver of Bugs!

  1. Congratulations President Saver of Bugs!!! Every time a kid does something wonderful every Mom is proud and happy for her/him! And THIS is wonderful.

    Oh hell, Robin, those damn vanished posts and erased words. I know exactly how frustrating that can be. I’ve lost count of the times my posts were eaten. In the middle of each incident, it felt as though my world had ended. Hope you don’t EVER have to go through that again!

    Excellent cake!

  2. I hope you see this after all this time — i am looking for that mug for a friend — do you have any idea where i can locate another?

    • Welcome badfairie! WordPress is great about popping new comments right into your comment box, so you were sitting right there when I logged in! 😀 As for the mug, it is an old Hallmark mug. I checked to see what popped up and they are selling them on Ebay. Just Google, “Hallmark mug Attention Morning People” and it will come right up. Thanks for stopping by!

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