Lazy Sunday

Random Thoughts

“Choose the Strength-Wisdom-Grace package.  Strength to meet your challenges, Wisdom to embrace real life, and the Grace to be grateful not only for what you have, but what you’ve escaped.”  –Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach

Fur Babies and Other Friends

Saver of Bugs I raided your picture stash for today.  It’s a lazy Sunday.

 Out in the Yard

Dad got a little mowing done.  First mow of the year.  And then it rained.

Our picture today is of green maple seeds.  Soon they will be brown “helicopters”.

Home Caring 

I did manage to get the kitchen table cleared off.  I won’t tell you how long it took me to get everything cleaned and put away.  Here’s the before:

Placemat story:  Several years ago strolling through the book store with gift cards burning a hole in my pocket, I noticed an orange book in the crafty section.  ?? So I went to have a look.  I saw “Stitch ‘n Bitch:  A Knitter’s Handbook” and just started laughing.  I had dabbled briefly with knitting when I was a kid, but that was it.  This book, however, kept poking me in the brain as I was walking about and finally I opened it up.  Wow.  Easy, funny, instructions.   Hmmmm.  Eventually I decided I had nothing to lose if I bought it.  What was one more book at my house?  Yarn was a couple of bucks, so were needles.  Why not?  So I bought a skein of purple yarn and a pair of needles and began knitting squares of all different stitches.  I also grabbed a magazine one day that had an afghan I liked the looks of.  Then came a springish looking multi-colored yarn.  I decided my first big project would be placemats with the same kind of pattern that the afghan had.  Modified of course.  Well, I had never done anything with multi-colored yarn and had no idea that if I wanted any kind of continuity I had to start each mat with the same color in the same order as the others.  Oops.  So all 4 placemats look different.  One of the placemats was deemed the ‘demon-bunny’ placemat by my children.  Have a look:

Why they thought this was a “demon” bunny, I have no idea.  Here’s the table finished.  Finally.  For how long?  Sigh.  Unknown.

Sunday is over.  A new day begins.

One response to “Lazy Sunday

  1. Not yet it doesn’t. According to college rules it’s still Sunday. The next day doesn’t begin until you’ve slept. 😛

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