Mission Statement and Mouse Trap Car

This was originally supposed to be a simple blog.  It’s original purpose was to keep our daughter (Saver of Bugs) up to date on the goings at home.  We had already slipped up once – no one had told her that her brother had attained Life Scout.  She would not be coming home this summer because of a research project and this blog would keep her up to date despite crazy schedules (hard to skype and phone if one’s busy and the other is not. And I suck in the e-mail dept. And -no- I don’t know why it annoys me so.)

However, once the discussion got going it took on a life of its own.  It is now The Beast of All Things.  Thoughts, quotes, fur babies, plants, house projects, exercise, LARPS, you name it, it’s coming.  Both daughter and I will be blogging.  And since I live in chaos, I decided I wanted order on the blog.  Not everyone will be interested in all topics so I am going to title as I go.  That way, people can just zip past what they’re not interested in.

  1. Random Thoughts  (Quotes, thoughts, mom’s ramblings)
  2. Life At Our House  (What we’re doing, cooking, crafts, you know – stuff)
  3. Fur Babies and Other Critters (self explanatory)
  4. Out In The Yard (plant stuff, bugs, projects,…)
  5. Home Caring (an attempt to put a positive spin on turning chaos into home again.)
  6. Movement  (our attempt to get our sorry butts back into some semblance of fit)

We won’t be hitting all of these everyday and Saver of Bugs will add her own on her posts.  Variety is the spice of life – right?  So let’s get started!

Random Thoughts

So this morning sucked.  When I’m looking to commit bodily harm for the enjoyment factor, I try to think ‘happy’ thoughts.  Sometimes I even succeed!  Other times I try to distract myself and going through my quote book helps.  Today I enjoyed this quote by Abbie Graham from “Ceremonials of Common Days”:

“But as I watch the stars of evening, and in the morning open my window toward the east, I shall observe the Ceremonial of quietness of heart, of simplicity, and poise of spirit, that I may keep my soul and the souls of others free from entanglements in the machinery of a day.”

Fur Babies and Other Friends


Say “Hi!” to Scooter!

Life At Our House

Hurray!  I learned how to take pictures off the camera, put them in the computer, and then put them on the post!   AND I DIDN’T BREAK A SINGLE THING AND THE COMPUTER STILL RUNS!  This gets a Gold Star!  And I have to thank my son, who confessed to being leary of teaching his mother to ‘go deeper’ into the computer and did it anyway.

Today was also, “Crap, I have to make a mouse trap car for physics tomorrow.” day.  (Mother says, “Grrrrrrrrrr”.)

So a box full of previous incarnations was retrieved from a former physics student.  And thus the work began with some input from dad (who was enjoying himself whether or not he wants to admit it).

Some of the materials.  (And what the heck did they use the rubber ducky for?)


Hard at work….


A little help…


 And Voila!  A Mouse Trap Car!  (Now if it will just go the required distance tomorrow…)


Isn’t it beautiful? 🙂

Yikes, it’s tomorrow already!   Good Night!


4 responses to “Mission Statement and Mouse Trap Car

  1. How long did it take me to figure out pictures? TWO YEARS!!! You are flyin’ along! Much as that awesome wee car will do.

    Categories? How cool! (Oh yeah, like I’m gonna SKIP anything. Har. Nice try though.)

    How was my morning? (In answer from yesterday.) Not bad. I am already fond of this new Affirmations To Start Our Day deal. Even if mine’s not TECHNICALLY in the a. of m. Hope your day got better. (Really, it kind of had to.)

    And, from the original post:
    Hi Saver Of Bugs!!! Great job helping Mom out with this. Well done.
    Also, a special We Are All Moms thanks to Spider Bait, who assisted in the photo help department. Such a team!

    • Spider Bait (snicker, I can’t wait to tell him you called him that! LOL) (it isn’t ‘official’ but I think he’s stuck with it at this point) set me up a folder called ‘Blog Photos’ that is just for me. And it turns out his laptop has a little slot on the side for memory cards. So no cables on this one! Squee! It makes it so much easier!

      I put quotes on cards on the table so I could look at them first thing. Problem is, you have to ‘make’ the effort and actually READ THEM for them to help. If and when I get my bedside table back in my room (snort/groan) maybe putting the cards next to the clock would help.

      And yeah, the morning got a bit better from there. There was tea and chocolate (shhhh).

  2. YESSSS!! Thank you Lunarmom for making my brother’s name official. And to my mom, why weren’t you in bed yet, hmmm? My morning consisted of studying some for a bio exam, which yes mom I believe i did well on, and going to classes. So not too bad I guess. Now I get to clean up my room, meet my adviser for classes (for those who don’t know I’m in college), and then head back off to work at 6p. It shall be interesting.

    • Oh I almost forgot. Tell Spider Bait I hope his car worked well and that his day was good. Also tell him congratulations on being able to teach you technology. I almost think he should win a prize. 😛

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