A Quiet Day

Random Thoughts

 I was sitting at the table this morning eating strawberries and reading blogs when I happened to look into the bowl.  Small white lumps were floating in my strawberries.  Huh?  They can’t be getting moldy already!  I just thawed them out yesterday!  A closer inspection revealed a lump with black dots.  Eeeeeew.  Another lump appeared with orange on it.  Wait.  Orange?  WTF?  I turned my light box back on, shoved my glasses up where they belonged, and stuck the bowl in the light.  Oh-for-pete’s-sake.  ***head to table***  I had eaten eggs for breakfast and was using the same spoon.  Egg bits had soaked off the spoon while it sat in the juice.  Mornings are not my best time.

This appealed to me today.  An attitude reminder from Robert Louis Stevenson:

“There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy.  By being happy we sow anonymous benefits upon the world.”

Life At Our House

The ‘big event’ here today was my baking bread (sourdough).  Unless of course you want to count my succumbing to a chocolate craving and going out to buy a stash of Sixlets.  Here’s the bread:



It’s been out about 30 minutes now so when my tea is ready I’m going to lop off a chunk and slather it in butter.  Can’t wait.

Fur Babies and Other Friends

Hey!  Saver of Bugs!  About those peacock feathers…



 While eye shine normally annoys me, I think this is very accurate showing of our ‘witch’ cat.

Is it dinner?  Is it? Is it?


Out in the Yard

You’ll notice I changed my header.  I’ve decided to try to put some small picture from in the yard as my header every time I post.

Today’s pic is a very small pansy that I found in a planter in my yard.

A tiny determined seed survived the winter.   And despite a less than ideal beginning to life, has produced a beautiful flower for all to enjoy.

6 responses to “A Quiet Day

  1. *Sigh* Annie would have to get up there. Also you’re so mean taunting me with your bread. My work is now done and I must say that opera rehearsals are interesting. Sleep times soon.

    • When I told her to get down she pinned her ears at me and walked farther into the closet and lay down again. So I drowned your little white witch with the squirt bottle. Brat. And I showed you the bread ’cause you said you wanted to know what was going on at home and that was the big thing for the day. Where were you for the rehearsals? Stage or light and sound? Opera is not my favorite thing, so I don’t think I would have been too thrilled having to listen to a rehearsal.

      • The opera wasn’t bad and I was working stage right. So basically making sure everyone was ready to go on time.

  2. Bread! I LOVE bread, and sourdough more than any other. Wait, or maybe olive ciabatta best. No no no, super dense black rye. Oh no, I ….. just stop. Stop me now. 😕

    I zoomed safely past the cat, but thanks for the dog picture. Great idea about the yard photos! You are doing beautifully with this. I’m enjoying it SO damn much!

    • Going back about 3 years (I think) it had been at least a decade since I had ‘done’ bread. Then I found a recipe in a magazine for “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day”. Well, isn’t just 5 minutes, cause you have to take it out of the refrigerator and let it warm up for 40 minutes, but it was still the easiest bread I had ever made. And that got me started on the homemade bread track. Now store bought bread tastes icky. I’ll eat it, but it’s not the same. If I could get Spider Bait to eat just homemade bread, I wouldn’t have to buy bread anymore. Homemade is cheaper. And tastier. (And it really doesn’t take that much time to make.)

      Thank you, I’m glad I’m not boring you. And I’m thrilled you’re braving the feline contingent to read my blog. Just keep zooming past them ’cause they will be regulars here. My Saver of Bugs misses her fuzzies, especially her little white witch who really should be named ‘Trouble’. Though she will be communing with rats all summer (my daughter, not the cat).

      • I do miss my fuzzies. It’s definitely not the same without them. The rats won’t even be the same cause I’m just experimenting with them. 😦

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