GAH! Three+ hours and Still Not Done

So this is WORK! I still can’t find everything. And I won’t say how long it took me to find a picture my daughter took of me and get it to the settings page. It is supposed to be a blog picture, but it isn’t on my blog. I’ll have to figure that one out tomorrow. I started working on this about 8:30. I’ve only paused a couple of times to send boy child to bed and chat with daughter via Skype messenging. It is now 12:07. Another “in bed by midnight” blown. Technology and I just aren’t very compatible. However, I am stubbborn and tomorrow is another day.



12 responses to “GAH! Three+ hours and Still Not Done

  1. Hi this is daughter. And technically tomorrow is today if you look at it right. But don’t give up you can get this site running yet!

  2. I vote we call my brother FearerOfBugs. Just to differentiate between us children.

  3. Lol! Your conversations are just like mine with MY kids!

    Robin this is awesome! (Nice color and theme choice by the by 😉 )

    I can’t see you in that picture though. Andy hey, last night I found out that Susan Sarandon has a tattoo on her wrist:

    ND ND

    it means New Dawn New Day.
    I think that should be our theme too.

    • I could go with ND ND.

      My daughter popped up on skype and I told her what I was doing and she signs into WordPress and you hear “clicky clicky” as she types and then she says, “Here, mom, I sent you a link for what you want to do.” I’d just like to smack my kids sometimes. 🙂

  4. Hey you said you wanted me to post so I showed you how to do what you wanted. And hi lunarmom! The ND ND theme works for me too.
    Also, it is now time for plant questions. So my spearmint sprigs almost have half inch roots so they should be ready to pot soon. So 1) could spearmint and wandering jew live in the same pot? and 2) how long should I give the sprigs (once potted) before I chop off their tops to make them branch out?

    • Spearmint is invasive like your wandering jew. That would be a nightmare pot. And I wouldn’t prune until there is visible growth. Also, unless you are planning on making even more cuttings, you can simply pinch the tips, rather than lopping off their heads. (btw, your dad thinks your brother’s name should be Spider Bait)

      • I thoroughly approve of Spider Bait. Also while the pot would be interesting could it still be done?

        • You can -always- try anything. The mint has the potential of reaching 3 feet in height and width, so you would need to plant it in the center with the wandering jew around the rim of the pot. You would also need to prune the mint regularly to keep it going up or it will go right over the wandering jew. Soooo, just how much work are you willing to put into that one pot?

  5. Hang in there. Lovely colors and header.

    • Thank you! Since I am expected to post pictures (this site started out as a way for my daughter and the family to show what they were doing and then turned into a beast of all things), I must learn how to do the camera and get the pictures here. I think my son just successfully showed me how. (Of course, I have a sheet of paper with -detailed- instructions sitting here.) So one more thing learned! (Hopefully…)

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